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Parrot Fils Carafe
Gempp Carafe
Lespiat Carafe
Oxygenee Carafes
Mugnier Carafe
Vapeur Carafe
Junod Pitcher Pernod Pitcher
Deuzy et Doistan Pitcher
A "Gres d'Alsace" water pitcher in the shape of a bulldog, made for Absinthe Delizy et Doistau.
Stork Pitcher
A majolica water pitcher made by Keller & Guerin at their factory in Saint Clement in the shape of a Marabou stork. The extremely small hole in the beak (only about two millimeters in diameter) indicates that this pitcher was probably made primarily for use with absinthe, as does the fact that examples are recorded with the brand mark Absinthe Oxygenee. Later versions of this same pitcher carried publicity for Anis Amourette, an absinthe-like substitute made by Pernod-Hemard in the 1920's. This example is in unusually fine condition and dates from around 1890.

Recent research indicates that these types of figural pitchers, characterised by an extremely small spout, were intended for use with absinthe. Keller & Guerin made several different types at St Clement, as did the majolica works at Sarreguemines.

Swiss anti-prohibition pitcher
The famous "Messieurs c'est l'heure" Swiss anti-prohibition pitcher. It shows the clock at ten to midnight (on 7th October 1910, the date absinthe was banned in Switzerland). There are many modern reproductions of these jugs.
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