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What is a "Pyrogene" or "Matchstriker"?

Porcelain matchstrikers, known as "Pyrogene" after one of the major manufacturers, were a feature of every bistrot table. Many carried advertising for the leading absinthe marques. The striking surface was usually porcelain, occasionally a wooden insert.

Longwy Mugnier Pyrogene
Extremely rare "emaux de Longwy" pyrogene made for Absinthe Mugnier.
Absinthe Jandard & Absinthe Jygee
2 pyrogenes with a bell, for calling the waiter, concealed in the base
Unusual rectangular Absinthe Junod pyrogene Absinthe Premier Fils
An early Royer Hutin Pyrogene Royer Hutin
Cusenier Verte Pyrogene
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