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Oxygenee Postcard Oxygenee Postcard
"WHAT IS ABSINTHE OXYGÉNÉE?" Absinthe Oxygénée is an absinthe whose molecules are lengthily put in contact with this vital and rejuvenating gas "par excellence": oxygen, industrially produced in admirably perfect devices. The oxygenation of absinthe is its vitalization: It is the transformation of a liquid at times without benefits, when badly manufactured, into a beverage of health and life. Oxygen gives a particularly appetite-stimulating power to absinthe, as well as a smoothness possessed by no other. When not oxygenated, absinthe destroys the blood by extracting some of the oxygen attached to our red blood cells. It should be noted, however, that Oxygénée, with its restorative gas, in addition to being a precious nerve stimulant, proves to be a first-rate additive for blood and respiration. Cusenier absinthe, known and appreciated for more than a quarter century by all true connaisseurs, is available now, thanks to this wonderful innovation - which is ours alone, as the process of oxygenation is the exclusive property and patent of the Grand Cusenier Distillery, the mark of excellence in aperitifs, manufactured in accordance with the strictest standards of medical science.
Suisse Fight
Gemp Pernod
Absinthe anti-prohibition postcard by Gantner, originally published in the satirical journal "Le Guguss", showing a Swiss patriot booting out a temperance campaigner.  
Cafe Scene Postcard
Bon Pernod!
Pernot Blanche Laverte
Absinthe anti-prohibition mock mourning card for "Blanche Laverte". Click on thumbnail for an enlarged version.
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