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The height of the absinthe boom in the late 19th century, coincided with the rise of the advertising poster as a powerful commercial and artistic medium, and some of the greatest poster artists of the period - Cappiello, Privat-Livemont, Tamagno - created famous images to advertise the absinthe grand marques. Fortunately, the greatest of them all, Toulouse Lautrec, never produced an absinthe-specific poster, thus thoughtfully sparing future generations of absinthiana collectors the necessity of a potentially financially ruinous purchase....

Oxygenee Poster
Absinthe Robette
Another famous poster also produced in 1896, designed by Nicholas Tamagno for Cusenier. The bon vivant enjoying his Absinthe Oxygenee is the French comedian Joseph-Francois Dailly (1839 - 1897). One of the most iconic art nouveau images of all, this 1896 image by the Belgian posterist Privat-Livemount has spawned a million reproductions.
Distillerie Montbart
Absinthe Picardine
From a cache recently discovered in Switzerland, a medium format indoor poster for Distilleries Montbart, designed by M.Ringel.
A previously unrecorded and apparently unique indoor poster for Absinthe Picardine. The backgrouund shows La Corniche aux Catalans in Marseilles.
l'Absinthe c'est la Mort
Absinthe is Death! by F. Monod, 1905
la Mort * l'Amour
Swiss Prohibition Poster
A poster for "La Kolamarque", a cola based aperitif marketed as a healthy alternative to absinthe. Notice the Grim Reaper with his hand on the absinthe drinkers shoulders, while the Kolamarque drinker is watched by a beautiful half-naked girl! A rare original of the famous 1910 "Messieurs...c'est l'heure" anti-prohibition poster by Gantner, originally published in the Swiss satirical revue, edited by Louis Bron, "Le Guguss". It shows a triumphant prohibitionist, dressed as a priest, trampling on the murdered figure of the Green Fairy, while in the background Helvetica mourns her lost liberties. Today, this image is widely used on clandestine bottles of "Le Bleue"
  Swiss Prohibition Poster
  a very rare and completely unrecorded anti-prohibition poster. The French Green Fairy is being burnt at the stake in front of a crowd of weeping onlookers, while up above the Swiss Green Fairy, whose demise had already happened five years earlier, waits to welcome her sister to Fee Verte heaven... This image has never been published anywhere.
Large Absinthe Junod Poster
Absinthe Junod Poster
Probably the largest absinthe poster in existence, an unrecorded 3-sheet version of the famous Absinthe Junod poster designed by Misti. Each individual sheet measure 1.35m x 2m, giving a total size of 4m x 2m, or just over 13ft by 6.6 ft
The Absinthe Junod poster in its more standard 47" x 63" format.
la Poudre Montavon
A cardboard advertising sign for "La Poudre Montavon", an anti-drunkenness powder marketed to wives distressed about their husband' drinking.

Poster for the popular Toulouse-based Absinthine.
Absinthe Terminus Lemercier-Duval Advertising Carton

An 1894 calender advertising Absinthe Terminus. The gentleman in the red jacket is the Absinthe Terminus drinker, his friend in the black is drinking "Absinthe Ordinaire"!

Designed to hang indoors, the smaller format advertising cartons, usually backed onto board, have a charm all their own. Few are as spectacular though as the 1894 Terminus calender.

Absinthe Cusenier Lemercier-Duval Advertising Carton
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