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Absinthe Spoons
an undocumented absinthe spoon made in the USA circa 1910 Les Trous #13
Spoon made in the US by Reed & Barton, with "Cafe Lafayette NY" engraved on the handle the so-called "Boulenger" spoon
Les Trous #16
Les Trous #2
an unusually heavy silverplate Les Trous  
Les Feuilles #20 Les Feuilles #6
a very beautiful and scarce Les Feuilles #20  
Les Publicitaires #22 Les Grillagee #6
a fine publicity spoon for Absinthe Pernot  
Les Grillagees & Les Grilles

A beautiful Les Grillagee #6 and some unusual Les Grilles (these are also known as Les Rondes).

Les Grilles #20
Les Grilles #18
also known as la Rondes
Les Grilles #10a
Unrecorded Les Grilles
also known as la Rondes possibly originating from French North Africa.
Ornate Unrecorded Les Grilles "N" Les Grilles
Les Cuilleres

Generally a scarce category of spoons, with a seperate sugar cradle in the middle of the handle. Some of the larger "East" glasses can only be used with this type of spoon.

Les Cuilleres #6 Unrecorded variant of Les Cuilleres #5
Ornately moulded Les Cuilleres #6, made from aluminium
Les Cuilleres #4  
Les Tours Eiffel

The famous absinthe spoons commemorating the opening of the Eiffel Tower in 1889.

Les Tours Eiffel #3a Les Tours Eiffel #7
in an unusually thin "metal blanc".
Les Tours Eiffel #6 Les Tours Eiffel #1
Les Tours Eiffel #4  
Absinthe Guillemaud
Les Feuilles d'Absinthe

Perhaps the most beautiful category of all absinthe spoons, with the intertwined leaves of the wormwood plant incorporated in the design of the spoon.

Les Feuilles d'Absinthe #4 Les Feuilles d'Absinthe #3
Absinthe Joanne
Lacaux Freres
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