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Archive through May 02, 2002

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Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 6:56 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I've thought of that, Wolfgang. At 3:1, my glass of La Fee becomes roughly 17% alcohol by volume, a little more than a glass of good wine, and, the total volume of my La Fee, for example, is usually less than a glass of wine. (Math is not my strength, but I think I have it right..)

A glass of Deva50, also at 3:1, reduces to 12.5%, exactly the same as most standard table wines. Deva guides me down the path for about 15 minutes as well.

Notwithstanding that, the haze that I feel after a glass of absinthe is NOTHING like an alcohol buzz, and it only lasts 15 to 20 minutes, tops.

But, whatever the chemistry ultimately is, and however it reacts with mine, it sure is pleasant!
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 6:39 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

It is possible that your glass of La Fee contain more ethanol that a typical glass of wine... measure the quantities and do the math, maybe you'r just drinking more. Maybe not.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 6:26 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Of the commercial brands, I get the strongest effects from La Fee and NS70. It just takes me one glass to feel them. Like Mr. Rabid, Mari Mayans seems not to affect me, and I only get mild effects from Segarra.

Occasionally, I think that "absinthe effects" are just due to the power of suggestion, but, the sensation is substantially different from those due to alcohol, especially since I customarily have only one glass of absinthe daily.

One glass of wine, or even one martini doesn't affect me at all. So I've reached two conclusions:

1. The effects are real.
2. I'm very susceptible to them - a good thing.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 6:11 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I got secondaries from Sebor.

I didn't from Mari Mayans, but every other brand I've had has had at least a mild one.

Happily susceptible am I!
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 6:01 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

"gasoline, anti-freeze, malt liquor"

Doubling up?
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 6:00 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

What's up Doc? Don't feel bad about the Sebor, many of us have made similar purchases and learned our lesson. If you're just looking for "effects", buy some good weed and don't bother with absinthe. If you want an interesting drink that will grow on ya AND that has a cool buzz, start placing orders and find yourself a muse.

Stick around, we need a good vet on this forum!
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 5:23 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

yes i was also interested in the "mystique" of absinthe which included the "effect".unfortunately the first bottle i bought was logans 100,why? because of the high thujone in the advertisement.$140 right down the drain.i learn quickly i think,but i still drink absinthe for the effect,even if its just my imagination.if i believe there is an effect than there is an effect.after all who would drink an alcoholic beverage without the alcohol?
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 5:16 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Nutty, ain't it.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 5:09 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Damn, you have to drink absinthe to get an "absinthe effect"?

No wonder my concotion of gasoline, anti-freeze, malt liquor, pepto-bismol and wormwood didn't work.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 4:13 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

What gives the best "absinthe effect"? I find that drinking absinthe works pretty darned well.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 3:38 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

No, actually, they don't, which is to say, while there is some understanding of the primary pharmacologic effects of LSD (it seems to be a mixed serotonin agonist/antagonist), nobody is sure exactly why this produces a psychotomimetic effect.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 3:07 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I ate a big handfull of acid once, I got some killer secondary effects.

Does anyone know why?
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 3:05 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post


I can feel it therefore it does exist.

I've hear Pentacostals say the same thing about the Holy Spirit. Which isn't to say that the "absinthe effect" doesn't exist, but it is certainly subtle enough that people have a hard time putting their finger on it.


I've drank enough booze in my lifetime to be able to differentiate between an effect that is caused by alcohol and an effect which is not, and the 'absinthe effect' is not caused by alcohol.

I would qualify this as "...not caused by alcohol ALONE." I don't think the same effect could be produced by the herbal constituents without the alcohol. The "clear headed buzz" would not be the same without the "buzz", as it were.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 2:39 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I posted this once before, and I think it's time to post it again - My own personal theory (for what it's worth) has to do with the absinthe having some effect on fat cell storage of other chemicals. My first absinthe experience was from one glass of Serpis on a fairly empty stomach. I sipped it slowly, more interested in the taste. I wasn't looking for any intense experience, having read the posts on this forum.

The experience I had took me back to The Bulldog in Amsterdam 3 months earlier, where I was smoking (and eating) copious amounts of hashish. I do not partake of cannibis products on a regular basis, but I was stranded in Amsterdam just after Sept 11 with nothing better to do. The effect of one glass of Serpis was HUGE. I was baked. This was NOTHING like what was described on this board. After about 45 minutes of intense buzzing, I fell sound asleep at about 8 in the evening.

The experience I've had since then was NOTHING like that. If I have any secondary effect at all, it's the mild "clarity" that others have described here, and I have had similar effects from drinking caffeinated drinks, like rum & Coke, or Kahlua.

The best advice - drink it for the taste and the history, not the "secondary effect."
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 2:29 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

It's there. It's glorious and fleeting.

And I, for one, hope we never find out what causes it.

It will be the end of absinthe as we know it.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 2:20 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I know there is an effect. I drank like 4 glasses of Absinthe King Gold and I was seeing the world like it really is... porcelain white, a bit of murky water, with illustrious brown stains about the rim...

Oscar was right, and it is terrible.

- J
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 1:35 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

you didn't feel anything because Sebor is shite. The only buzz i got from it was from vomiting heavily the next day, and I only had 3 glasses (maybe I was allergic to one of the ingredients?). If you're looking to get f'ed up, I recommend LaFee. As everyone else has said, the thujone numbers on most of these absinthes are pretty inaccurate. NS messes me up more than Deva, but supposedly they have the same amount? Who knows? Anyway, if you're only looking to get blasted, you'll be disappointed. I mainly drink absinthe for the flavour, but love the fuzzy chill outedness or sometimes creative mental hyperactivity La Fee and LaBleu can cause. And you'd be better sucking on a coolwhip can than drinking Absinthe King Gold. The only reason any of these Czech bastards are in business is because there are gullible absinthe newbies (I've been one myself) who think that something with a lot of thujone will make them see fairies or whatever. Anyway, I'll sell you a bottle of LaFee for $100 if you like. Wait, I'm not Betty, nevermind...
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 1:31 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

And there we are, arguing again about effect ! ;-)

*looking for broken record #682*

ok there it is... (watch out the forum police....Vera, where is this cop monkey again ?)


There is an effect. It's smooth but it's there. At best it can be like a clear headed and euphoric kind of drunkness (look at Albert Maignan's painting "The Green Muse"). Sometimes it's more like a wallpaper staring effect, a smooth kind of numbness where you can be found staring at the empty void in front of you (look at Degas painting The Absinthe Drinkers).

Order a Swiss La Bleu if you want to have a chance to feel it. I don't know about LA Fee as I have only tasted two glass and not on the same sitting. Some other commercial absinthes have a very small effect (almost inexistant to some) so you need to really get drunk on it to feel something.

Some people are more sensitive to it. I usualy feel it more when I'm drinking it in a quiet environnement. Quiet and alone at home while listening to music, I can feal this smooth subtle effect after only one glass (1.25oz+water) of hausgemachte. Note that I could not feel it after 2-3 glass of Sebor.

Also remember one thing : if it taste like shit, it's no good. One of the charm of a real absinthe is this special enticing property that make you drink more and more as the fairy seduce you. It's not like that because of any neurotic effects, it's like that because it's damn good and refreshing.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 1:05 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post


I for one DID start drinking absinthe to see what effects it gave me. I tried it, I did like the mild mind-altering effects and I also liked the taste.

I for one DO drink absinthe for it's mellow mind-altering effects. I prefer the taste of rum but drink more absinthe than rum. Why? Because you don't get a mellow buzz from drinking rum.

The 'absinthe effect' certainly does exist. If some people can't feel it then that is their loss but simply because they can't feel it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I can feel it therefore it does exist. I've drank enough booze in my lifetime to be able to differentiate between an effect that is caused by alcohol and an effect which is not, and the 'absinthe effect' is not caused by alcohol.

So many people here get all reactionary and defensive, and skirt around the issue and try to play down the attraction of absinthe's pleasant effects. And with regard to thujone, the very mention of the dreaded 'T-word' can have a poster flamed to a crisp. It's a bit sad really.

Doc, buy some Serpis from . If after 4 glasses of Serpis you can't feel the 'absinthe effect' then you're one of the unlucky ones whose body just can't feel the buzz.

Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 12:57 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

La Fee makes me feel like I'm coming off of X, but drunk too. Not that I've done X, well...Yeah I guess I have.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 12:34 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post


I understand...ya'll are not in it for a high, just the experience and taste...Sorry I asked a stupid question...

No more newbie bashing please....


Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 11:37 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 11:36 am:   Edit PostPrint Post


You may want to spend some time browsing the archives before asking questions. This question, in particular, is often seen as the mark of trolling,

To give you the benefit of the doubt, I'll give you the low down.

There is no consensus as to whether the "absinthe effect" exists at all, let alone what it is like. Likewise, the assumption that thujone is the source of any such effect is unfounded, scientifically, and thujone-content figures given by manufacturers are not to be believed.

Don't drink absinthe because you are looking for a drug-like effect; you will be disappointed. Beware of anyone selling their absnthe based on its thujone content; they are rarely concernted with the flavor or authenticity of their drink.

And Absinth King Gold is crap...
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 10:42 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Absinthedrinker, check out his personal quote in his profile.
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 9:22 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

this should be interesting...
Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2002 - 9:20 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

I just tried my first bottle of Sebor this weekend and although I enjoyed the black licorice flavor and the alcohol buzz I didn't feel anything different...Certainly no wallpaper staring...

Does absinthe really give you a high and if so, which brands would you recommend? Would a La Bleu with 30mg/ml thujone be better or how about the 100mg/ml Absinthe King Gold?


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