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Archive through May 23, 2002

Sepulchritude Forum » The Absinthe Forum Archive thru June 2002 » Archive Thru May 2002 » Carbon: a Red Bull clone, with absinthe » Archive through May 23, 2002 « Previous Next »

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Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 5:33 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

If you charged $9 for a dose of LaBleue (and Betty was your supplier) you would lose money.
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 5:27 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

thats what i'm talking about!I love women.perhaps some of the ladies could post some "extra special" photos up on here..
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 5:26 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Thanks for the info Louche. What they do in europe is they give you vouchers for your bottle and save it for you until you come back. I see no reason why that can't be done in the US. As far as serving Absinthe in the US, you could probably get away with stocking Absinthe as long as you kept it under the bar and only advertised that you had Absente. The actual absinthes could be listed on daily specials menus, perhaps, with the agreement from the customers that for legal reasons they had to say they brought the bottle in themselves if asked. There's so many bars in NY that I doubt that one Absinthe Bar (provided it was called something else!) would ever be inspected, although I guess you'd have to keep the doors shut to reviewers and people like that. The real problem is how to come up with the $100,000 for the NY liqour license! Although some trendy bars here charge $9 for a grey goose martini, so I'm sure you could charge that much for a glass of LaBleu, and you'd make piles and piles of money in no time.
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 5:13 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I completely agree with Mr.Carwax. Far too many people make the mistake of thinking that the glory days are always in the past. The past is over and we aren't guaranteed a future, so we should enjoy what we have NOW because that's all we have for sure.

Why do people come here? To learn? To teach? To pontificate? To be a part of something, anything? For whatever reason, we've all landed here at this particular time and I think it's ridiculous to throw stones while we're hanging out in Kallisti's glass house.

This forum is just a microcosm of the way things are anywhere else on the planet. Boys will be boys and that's what most of us are - add generous amounts of alcohol and yes, you get a frat party. Unfortunately, like many frat parties, there's not enough chicks to go around so will the female members of the forum please do your job and get your slutty friends to participate?
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 4:52 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

A.B.C. laws vary widely from state to state, here in virginia you can buy beer and wine in grocery stores and convience stores and the like but to buy liquour you must buy from a state A.B.C. store. we only have an "on liscence" at the place i work at so if someone doesn't finish their bottle of wine they can't take it with them, right? ...wrong ! the insurance man for our A.B.C. store (just a couple of months ago) said if we (the restaurant) reseal it with the original cork they can take it with them (but wouldn't that be "off" too? that's what i thought too). now , people can legally bring in their own liquour or wine but they must be seated seperately from the "public" (private meeting room or the like) but if they want to but some wine from us and take it to their inn room (at most 100 feet from our front door) they can't , we as the establishment must put it in their room .
are we beginning to see the difficulty in trying to change the beaurocratic nightmare off making absinthe legal?
oh yeah , marc, welcome back.
absente is perfectly legal, i can buy it through my state A.B.C. store (it's a special order), i've had a couple people from our tavern ask about serving it there (haven't made my mind up yet), now absinthe is another story , selling it from a restaurant (or even you house) would still be considered illegal (for one the feds or state isn't getting their "cut") , i've been trying to find loopholes here in virginia by rumaging through the endless liquour laws here but haven't found one yet (it's kinda "dry reading"). you might be able to give it away legally as an restaurant or bar( where's the money in that?) but i'm unsure of that . maybe there could be some "service charge" for the presentation of the drink as long as you don't charge for the drink itself?
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 4:38 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

"Its hard for me to reconcile the absinthe culture, its connection to the arts etc., "

To pose few rhetorical question, what came first the art or the absinthe? We have the absinthe, but does it actually inspire us to create now?

Actually, I seriously question whether the reality of the Belle Epoch, its flourishing creativity, the absinthe etc..was anything like we romanticise it to be- probably in 100 years people will romanticise about these present years in terms of an absinthe/artistic revival....

The glory of any age is never apparant to those who live in it, and only created from its museum pieces by those who come well after. Not necessarily a bad thing though if it preserves the memory and essence of an age.
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 3:58 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I prefer the more North American native "moose knuckle."
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 3:43 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

It's not a frat party in here until somebody uses the phrase "camel toe" to describe a females genitalia. Oops, did I just say that? Don't go Marc!

In all seriousness though, I've learned a lot on this forum as well, and perhaps it has become a place for madmen on absinthe binges to make total asses of themselves, but hey that beats getting a drink thrown in your face by some beautiful girl at a bar. Wait, maybe it doesn't....

So here's a question. Is it really illegal for bars to serve Absinthe in the US? I'm under the impression that Absente is served in New Orleans. Not that Absente is absinthe, but does anybody know of a law which specifically says "Absinthe cannot be sold for personal consumption in the US?". I know wormwood is classified as a poison by the FDA, but I'm just wondering if there's any loopholes because somebody needs to open an Absinthe bar in NY real soon!
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 3:26 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post,1282,52703,00.html

Stick that one in your pipe and smoke it, Blackjack! ;-)

Read a ways down, and you will find information about a study that showed emotional responses to stimuli beginning BEFORE the stimuli presented.

I didn't read it yet... but man O man! I feel a buzz from the implications, and I didn't even have to wait for an order...
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 2:50 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

For the most part, the people who hang out in here are brilliant. Its my problem that I've been focusing on the geek faction. I've scrolled through many of the recent posts and there is alot of substance in here. There's a few fucking freaks who seem to have mistaken this place for a frat party, but hey, they exist everywhere on the internet.
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 2:45 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Marc, my man, if there is a sin we all here can understand is to be drunk and lashing out at others.

For whatever it's worth, I welcome you back. You certainly educate me about movies.
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 2:40 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I was drunk last night and lashed out at you guys.
I apologize.


my frustration with some of the chat in here
does not reflect how I feel about your website.
Its fabulous.

Its hard for me to reconcile the absinthe culture,
its connection to the arts etc., with some of the inbred boys' club banter that goes on in here.
This could just as easily be a malt liquor forum.
I wonder at times if some of the folks in here drink absinthe just in order to feel a part of a community, any community. The absinthe is irrelevant, its just a ticket to the clubhouse.
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 8:34 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Just out of curiosity, do monks have anything like altar boy/girls they could molest?
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 8:21 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

He's probably become a monk in one of those Thaï temples and made a no-internet vow.

...Or Ted imprisoned him in the distillery lab untill everything's ready for the launch.

...Or he invited Head to his place and in an absinthe frenzy, stole that head prosthesis, cut his own head and became another puppet of the evil mechanical Head (that would also explain Head`s disparition).

Or maybe...he...don' us...anymore...? *snif*

Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 7:39 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Marc, do we have to beg you to stay?
Please stay. I'll give you a cookie....a hash cookie I got in Amsterdam a year ago....

At the risk of a sepulchritude onslaught and ridicule: You mean Don Walsh is NEVER coming back? Like never ever never? Thats enough to give myself an enema in an antique bidet...
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 5:40 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

-rant alert-

Apparently the real Goth always say they are not goth. Is it the same thing for this forum ? The true forumit always say "this will be my last post" ?

haha... We just get jaded after some time. Marc, you've been here so long that you don't really have many thing to learn anymore. It's now time to teach or to leave. I hope you'll stay around. I remember the old days when you where writing your sexual experiences on the board and when you were a rock&roll ball of fury all around. What happened to you ? Our Marc is not the same anymore...

Same thing for the mysterious Head... What happened ? The real guy behind the Head lost inspiration ?

Don ? for sure he was a hell of an entertainer. But he was also a hell of a bully and (to my pleasure) he was sharing maybe a little bit too much for his own sake (and I understand that, I did the same and got emails trying to shut me up).

Honestly, after some time we reach a point where we just don't care anymore about reviews of new mouthwash and where we just can't talk freely about what would be interesting... I myself pushed that limit to the point of exposing myself to huges risk but it seems it's impossible to go higher.

We still have some very knowledgables forumit sharing their valuable insight about antiquity. We have people reviewing mysterious hausgematches. All hope is not lost.

I don't think the board have changed so much. Lot's of crap to finally end up with someting interesting about absinthe. It was the same thing a year ago. It will be the same next year. I'm just waiting for Jade's fireworks to put back some energy to the board...
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 5:31 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Whats the meaning of Life ?? To run around naked rubbing peanut butter all over yourself ??
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 2:33 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Another frustrated hippie bites the dust... I am weeping... don't slip in my puddle of tears!!!
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 2:29 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Animal rights are an arbitrary concept. I only eat eggs that come from "free range" chicken. I feel good about it, but I have no idea how the chicken feel...
Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2002 - 1:51 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

What initially drew me to this forum no longer exists. Count me out.

This will be my last post.

The bottom line is:

Absinthe isn't really all that hip. In fact, its kind of square. I'm going back to smoking pot and sniffing glue.

Bye, bye.

This place lost its soul when Don Walsh got banished. I came to for knowledge and insight. Don, artemis, ted breaux, absinthedrinker and a handfull of others delivered the goods. Lately, this has been
a gathering place for the pathetic and the lost. You can drink all the absinthe you want, but it don't make you cool.

I'll let you in on a little secret:

Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 9:01 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Yeah, they said so on the news. The Terrorists (tm) WILL strike again and the WILL get nukes. It's like the 80's all over again!

Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 8:32 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Well, no worry! We will all be nuclearized ash soon!
Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 7:48 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Eat MEAT!!! Eat all you want, we'll grow more!!!
Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 7:39 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

The shitty thing is, rights are an arbitrary concept.

It was originally based on might- literally. You wanted your rights- you fought the guy contesting them. Whoever won, asshole or not, had the rights.

Since they don't exist in nature- they aren't like gravity or anything- that means any application will be flawed in some way.

Do we protect the right of deer to die of old age? Or the right of the wolf to eat?

We could work towards having less of an interfering affect on the lives of other creatures, but that would be an uphill fight.

And it does nothing to address the fates of the already-domesticated species.

We face the choice of allowing them to breed freely and starve, taking care of an ever expanding population, or letting them go extinct.

I can do no more than attempt to clarify the problem, because short of reverting to a hunter gatherer society or getting us some Space Meat going in a big way, them chickens is doomed to an extra crispy fate.

And I know none of you out there are down with starving the third worlders who NEED that protien and have no viable other source, are you?
Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 7:32 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post


The factory farms and slaughter houses are cruel and inhuman.

Well, yes, but those aren't humans that are being farmed and slaughtered.

Like I said, how would you feel if we could guarantee that the animals were in complete bliss the whole time? Because that is possible wth existing technology. They have "remote control" rats which they can direct by directly stimulating the pleasure-centers of their brains.

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