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Boston: Wine, Cheese, Live Music +

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Archive through September 02, 2002Marccampbell25 9-2-02  10:52 am
Archive through September 04, 2002Pataphysician25 9-4-02  7:07 am
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Posted on Monday, September 23, 2002 - 2:32 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

damn carpetbaggers
Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 - 2:56 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

The nightclub mentioned is a meeting place not a marketplace.

Please don't expect to exchange anything there other than name and contact information!!! Leave mechandise at home!!!

Please socialize and listen to the music and the people involved will get in touch about Gallery Jams and service to your home later in the week.

Thanks for your tolerance and/or interest.
Posted on Saturday, September 7, 2002 - 8:03 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

thanx chevalier, i believe logic (with help from you) has finally prevailed.
Posted on Saturday, September 7, 2002 - 7:52 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Peace it is.
Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 6:10 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 5:04 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Lmarchegrisiste, I catch your logic. The thing is, though, that not too many of us here want the experience that you are marketing. What you're offering is not by any means bad; it's just that, in terms of absinthe, we've had better ... and when we've wanted the cheese and company to go with it, we've organized our own get-togethers.

I wish you the best of luck in what you do. Big things have modest beginnings. In that vein, I hope that your clients will progress from relatively "modest" absinthes like Deva to, say, "big" Emile Pernot or Francois Guy. After all, that's how most of us did it ... and look at what frequent drinkers of absinthe we've become. Spirits Corner and Markus are making fortunes from us ;-)
Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 4:51 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

When it comes to yoga, I'm a Yogi Bhajan man myself. Kundalini is the heavy metal of yoga. Breath of fire. Crown chakra opens up like a fire hydrant in the Bronx
Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 3:22 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Getting a category to the table has less to do with being pompous about the finer points of quality Marc. Quality isn't completely irrelevant but it certainly is not as important as it is to somebody try to be alpha male among a circle of people trying to impress each other with their superiority of product taste. I'm just trying to get the category here. Some subset will no doubt wish to go high end up aren't making that choice for them. If they wish to include our sevices when they do we'll be pleased but that decision isn't based on our serving an initial high end product.
This reminds me of my posting to a health forum regarding trying to bring a particular weekend yoga practitioner to Boston. I got ragged on by someone out in Chicago who had a different idea as to what THE right yoga form was and a favorite teacher. I asked why he should comment he was not one of the three people cooperating here in Boston.

Neither was he offering to help booking the hall or printing and posting the handbills. His response was that he had been on there longer and he couldn't care less if he was interfering with getting a large enough group to have a yoga weekend for people in Boston.

Someone of his friends said what makes you think we can't comment from the Midwest on yoga in Boston. My response was Boston was clearly stated in the thread title the focus on the thread was getting that sort of program to Boston. If they weren't working on getting the yoga program or any yoga program to average Bostonians why comment. How come they weren't doing any posting much less ragging on the person who started a thread on how yoga effects people with Ileitis and Colitis. What I am being is stubbornly practical (right down to setting limits on my own volume and expense) about bringing the category HERE.

(BTW Breema)

Thanks for the support I'll check out his new place.
Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 12:36 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

whats any of this got to do with absinthe?
Not that it matters. We are always veering off topic, but Lmarche just seems goofily irrelevant.
There must be a restaurant forum he can post on.
Business must be way off for him.

Lmarche, have you tried dealing Amway?
Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 12:26 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Some people would pay hundreds of dollars for a marketing seminar like this.
Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 9:32 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

When you're trying to get a broad cross section to try a new product fine points of quality matter less than it not being bad. If they like it they will be interested in test tasting up.

Judging from the e-mail I've received there is more than one audience here.
A couple of them even recognized and know Max and the Chef.
Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 9:08 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

The initial market I see here in the People's Republic of Cambridge near Beantown is more "The Tasty" of Harvard Square rather than "Sonsie" in Boston's tony Back Bay. "The Tasty" had a wider group of clientele which included Professors, Taxi Drivers, Princes, Can Redeemrs, Poets, Clerks, Painters, Diplomats, Musicians, Window Washers and Students not Yuppies. You got Brattle Streeters and guests of the Charles Hotel but there were also park benchers. In the mix you had people who might also go to eat and drink great at L'Espaliers or the Harvard Club but the Tasty's food and drink was "good enough" for now. It was our beloved local a place of dependable mediocrity not cookie cutter like McD's or institutional like Harvard Dining Service or the trendy Newbury Street premiere cafe du jour.

When you see Boston first and know that it "the hub" you can feel comfortable beginning with Victor's brand coffee not Starbucks or Green Mountain. The coffee is the catalyst not the focus, no that is the random but familiar faces. Like a local Tip O'Neill said of politics being local so is beverage. Those drinking Victor's this moment may find Coffee Connection Cafe's* coffee better later but right now Victors suits the plywood walls, yellow formica and the world map of a thousand pins.

A nostalgic coffee analogy.

*The Coffee Connection was Boston's pioneer gourmet coffee bar. Tasty's and Coffee Connection both no longer exist. The Tasty was displaced after 80 years by Abercrombie & Fitch and the Connection was eaten by Starbucks. Even the Connection people could be seen having hamburgers and coffee at Tasty. (It's even in Good Will Hunting)
Posted on Friday, September 6, 2002 - 6:13 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

i just realized why lmarche can't hear us here , we forgot to turn the microphone on ...

***click*** tap,tap EEIIEIEEEIEE (feedback)***

now he should be able to make better sense of what we're trying to say.
Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2002 - 2:23 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

But, don't you just hate it when some yuppie business man from Boston comes into the forum and trys to "school" us on something we've been drinking and studying for years. Its the arrogance that Lmarche displayed that pissed me off.

At first I thought Lmarche was a fed.
Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2002 - 12:51 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post


Well put.
Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2002 - 10:48 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

"The fair prices of la bleues".

But Blackjack, how easy is it to get a bleue for a "fair price"?

Still ... as many here have said, this fellow Lmarchegrisiste is barking up the wrong wormwood "tree". I think that most of us are aware that "absinth" is doing gangbusters business in Germany and on eBay. We know that many folks like to do absinth shots in Prague or Berlin bars. For them, absinth(e) isn't for savoring; it's just an exotic way to get hammered. The shallow end of the pool, as it were. By contrast, the Sepulchritude Absinthe Forum wades into the deep end and dives underwater.

That said, I salute our newest forum "hellraiser" :-) for serving Spanish absinthe, as opposed to Czech/German fare.

There are several other absinthe forums on the Web that might well serve Lmarchegrisiste's purposes. May I suggest that he focus on them?
Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2002 - 10:38 am:   Edit PostPrint Post


This isn't about limiting the discussion to "high end" absinthe. There is no "high end" absinthe right now, unless you are talking about the handfull of extant vintage bottles. The fair prices of la bleues and the best new commercial products are little more than the least expensive Spanish stuff, and there is no reason to think that Jade (inshallah) will be much more. The complaint about Deva isn't that it's "low end", but that, for about the SAME money, you can get much better.

The problem is that you appeared on the forum, out of the blue (as it were), for the sole purpose of advertizing your services. While there are people on the forum who are now involved in absinthe-related businesses, in most cases these busnesses grew out of their participation in the forum, not the other way around. They were long-time contributors before they had anything to sell, and continue to participate in discussions which are not related to their businesses.

Moreover, the service you offer is, well, kinda silly. It certainly is not something which would appeal to most of the people on the forum. We are all capable of getting our own absinthe, thankyouverymuch, and I can't imagine why I would pay extra for a caterer to provide something that is so readily availible.
Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2002 - 6:24 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

and.. to prevent an irrelevant discussion of shipping costs.. WITH shipping, the reasonable price range of absinthe is $40 to $80.. that's it - regardless of quality.

But, as Mr. Rabid so accurately points out, you're not listening anyway.
Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2002 - 5:28 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

"Just as there are Margarita tequilas and $600 a bottle sipping tequilas there is a range in absinthe. "



Did you get that? Let me say it again just in case.



There is no $600.00 absinthe. We are talking a range here- maximum unless you are getting ripped off- of (shipping aside) $15.00 - $45.00.

Compared to Jose Cuervo at $15.00 and your $600.00 sipping tequila.

You are either not paying attention or are deliberately ignoring what we are saying.

Either way FOR THE FUCKING LOVE OF GOD I do wish Don were here right now...
Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2002 - 9:47 am:   Edit PostPrint Post


I went to Vegas for one year to build a nightclub.
Personally, I think the town is evil. I did my job and left.
Venus was co-designed by two of the finest young artists
in the States: Shag and Bosko. Check out their websites.
Very cool stuff.

Regarding Taos, this is my second time living here. The first was in 1969-70. Taos has not degenrated into anything. It can't. Most of the land is Indian owned and will not be developed. Tourism is down due to the drought. I am here because I dig the quality of the light, the air, the mountains.

Regardless of who your relatives lunched with in Taos, you are yuppie scum. Why do you bother to post here? You bring nothing to the mix.
Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2002 - 8:55 am:   Edit PostPrint Post


Absinthedrinker wrote:

....handing out BA's finest cellophane wrapped mixed salted nuts....

British Airways still serves those?! How do I sign up? ;)

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2002 - 8:42 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

For a suitable fee, Peter, Phil and I will fly in Concorde to your nearest airport with a case of Un Emile 68, travel by stretch limo to your home and then serve whatever absinthe may be left to your guests whilst regaling them with our thrilling absinthe tales and handing out BA's finest cellophane wrapped mixed salted nuts. We will stay until all the absinthe has been consumed or we become overfamiliar with your female guests and are asked to leave.

(Please note that 24 hours notice is necessary. Terms and conditions may apply)
Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2002 - 8:29 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

1.) I am not selling absinthe by the bottle if that were the case I would be screaming at me beside you. $300 just for delivering a bottle is outrageous. Neither am I trying to do a GT type thing. I'm principally selling service to local customers around a table on which absinthe is just one section with other beverage, food and music. It is a hook and a catalyst, most caterers here do not serve absinthe. IF the clientele want to make ADVANCE arrangements to trade up in I have not refused to provide or serve whatever they want. It helps if they order as volume is sensitive and bringing in too much would get us red flagged.

Since we seek focus on services we want to get people use to absinthe at the economical basic. If someone buys catered bourbon chicken are they buying it for the bourbon or the chicken or the catering.

2.) I am not assuming that everyone who reads here posts. Especially not in this atmosphere. Just as there are Margarita tequilas and $600 a bottle sipping tequilas there is a range in absinthe.

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