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Archive through August 11, 2002

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Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 9:46 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Head, my sweetie is an acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine practitioner.

I have been in Chinatown (SF) many times, buying herbs and tea. I have never experienced the "putrid" thing.

You are a good soul, Head, but in this case you might be on the wrong side.
Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 9:43 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

If you had any sense you'd approach
the problem from the front and not
skulk around the issue.

Pull this thing out of your
ass, O. Let everyone see what
exactly your problem is.

What are you trying to say?
Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 9:39 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Have you ever been there?
Have you ever been to an Asian food store?

THAT! is the smell he's refering to.

"Stay strong, Forumites"????

Looks like you are the only person on
a mission. It sure the hell ain't
supporting Emile.
Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 9:35 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Hi, Head.

I quote from memory, OK?

"The putrid smell of Chinatown"
Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 9:32 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Where the FUCK do you get racist???
Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 9:27 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Stay strong, Forumites!

Only 93,456 more sophomoric, sexist, racist stupid "fish" jokes by Pikkle to go...

It should be over by mid 2004.
Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 4:15 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

thank you, Ian!

ok. move along, people.
Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 3:52 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Nothing fishy here. You're all nuts.
Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 3:50 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Apologies to any forumites who may be finding this topic rather boring but there does come a point when it is difficult to sit on the side lines whilst your product is slagged off so I will attempt to address the issues that have been raised in this and other threads.

Firstly Emile 68 is not the same as Emile 45 with extra alcohol. Just in case you missed it when I said it in an earlier post - EMILE 68 IS NOT THE SAME AS EMILE 45 WITH EXTRA ALCOHOL. We tried a version that was exactly that and it didnít work so we rejected it. I am curious as to who the two reputable sources are that make this claim, as Mr and Mrs Pernot would be the only people who could have any idea as to how different 45 and 68 are. I donít suppose it might be the same two people who have been trying unsuccessfully to get the Pernots to sell them the 68 direct?

Secondly there is not a fault in the product, try the Emile 45 which comes from the same stable and has been on sale in France for over a year. There is a characteristic odour which some people think is Ďfishyí thatís fine, old Burgundy smells of farmyard manure, mature Riesling smells of petrol and Isla whisky smells of iodine, thatís the way it is, if you donít like it you drink something else. It is interesting in that not one person has complained personally to me about the smell whereas dozens have shown their appreciation in words and by placing second and third orders. So there is no cover up and business is very healthy thank you.

Finally on matters of the colour. This is not our recipe, it is the Pernots, it is how they choose to make absinthe and presumably this was how their absinthe was in 1890. When it is performed traditionally the Ďcolouration stepí is primarily to adjust flavour, the colour is almost secondary. That is why most of the recipes in Duplais and Bedel mention adjusting the colour with caramel and indigo.
Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 2:12 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

The best commercially available absinthe that smells like fish until louched!!!

I actually have only smelled it [fishy-fish] from an uncapped bottle mouth, and then briefly yet intensely... vaginally refreshing!
Posted on Sunday, August 11, 2002 - 1:13 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

I'm one of the nine, but it bears repeating, for those who might be skittish about Emile 68.. (and for the sheer joy of repitition) There does exist a certain MILD odor to the undiluted drink from the bottle. IT DISAPPEARS WHEN WATERED! - and in its place is a very satisfying, tasty drink. FWIW, the best commercially available product.
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 9:50 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

If it happens too often, anomoly wouldn't be so appropriate a description... perhaps say, trademark?

"Un Emile 68. Sure it smells a little fishy. But it tastes GOOD!"
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 9:44 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

a very brief perusal of this issue and I count at least NINE people who have reported this anamoly, and that is TEN if you include one ANONYMOUS malcontent who contacted me privately.

DISCLAIMER: Emile is a really great despite the sometimes strange odeur occuring (depending on who you talk to).
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 9:21 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

It also means do your fucking research... this subject was mentioned in several different threads and brought up by more than two people. Obviously you haven't been paying any attention. I personally have consumed three bottles of this substance and in all three, a very detectable FISH smell was noticed by several different persons... bad batch? Perhaps. Never-the-less, if you are calling me full of shit, you are calling quite a few people full of shit, some that you probably don't want to be calling full of shit.
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 9:09 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Perception means someone is always going to be wrong...
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 9:05 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

...There's joy in repetition...
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 8:12 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I reread this thread, and I think there are only 2 people actually claiming to smell fish in Emile 68. Repeating yourself over and over does not make it a consensus. I enjoy Emile 68 very much, and there is no fishy smell to my nose. Note that one of these posters also claims that François Guy tastes exactly like Segarra, which is also so obviously not true.
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 6:49 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Cue the tiny violins...

Sounds like some deperate spin control to me. The product is defective yet instead of admitting there was a problem and that it is being addressed, a cover-up ensues and the manufacturer then loses credibility and subsequently, sales. What for the most part is a pretty good, but not great product with one very distinct flaw goes down in history as being the Ford Explorer of absinthes. Good job mate!

The year is zero...

Warning: Do not express any negative views about any product on this forum that may be contrary to anyone elses positive views, especially when such views may adversely affect the sales of such product which is being promoted by aforementioned original expressor. Any violator of this or any other notice which may or may not be published at some ambiguious point in the future or the past or not at all, with or without prior notice will or will not be subject to unjustified insults, degradation and ostricization and will no longer be invited to tea. Fuck you very much.
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 5:13 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Somewhere in this thread there's a joke...

With a big but.
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 4:11 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I think the Emile 68, in order to separate itself from the 45, should have put more effort into the final colouring/flavouring process step. If this had been done, it truly would have been an exceptional commercial absinthe.
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 4:11 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

"So, Dr. O, who exactly is trying to "bring down" Emile?

OK, Trainer:

"If you enjoy dead sea creatures, please imbibe with Un Emile 68. If not, uh something. "

"And GAWD is it fishy!!!!! Oh lord! Oh LORD!!!!!! STAY BACK!!!! OH GOD NO!!!!!! "

"Haha... nice spin, ocean breeze... just what I smell too, dead fish washed up on the beach...
Actually, the decomposing aquatic scent diminishes all together with addition of water... that's what I've found anyway... it's very drinkable. No, only the bouquet from the bottle itself has this distinct odor of sea creature... I'm glad I'm not the only one that's noticed... I'm glad I'm not the only one who's still sane..."

All these quotes are from the same person. I'm sure there are more.
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 4:07 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I'm actually a little disappointed in the Emile 68. It is by no means a bad absinthe, but I feel that it could (should) have been so much more.

I've heard now from two reputable sources that the 68 is the same exact absinthe as the 45, simply with a higher alcohol content. And honestly, tasted side by side, the two are damn near indiscernible.

Comments? Questions? Death threats?
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 1:22 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Interesting . . . every posting I've seen from someone commenting on the "fishy" odor in Emile (and there's a faint odor to mine as well, but I agree with someone who described it as more "seaweedy" or something like that) has said that it disappears upon louching (true in my experience), imparts no inappropriate flavor . . . and every one of them has been otherwise quite complimentary of the product. I have yet to see anyone say "Oh no, there's a fish in my bottle, it's undrinkable, don't buy it, I'm throwing mine away."

So, Dr. O, who exactly is trying to "bring down" Emile? Are people to be unquestioningly supportive and never critique a product, or risk your baseless accusations of attempted sabotage?
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 10:18 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Emile 68 is a good, quality absinthe IMHO, and it it is my favorite commercial absinthe as of yet. However, my bottle does contain an odor, that can only be described as a slightly "fishy." Two other respectable forumites (well, at least ONE of them was respectable) also smelled the odor emanating from the bottle. Why is this? I don't know. It is not an odor normally that would be associated with empyreuma. Not all persons who have this product can detect this smell. I believe something, somewhere, went wrong with a particular batch in the process of manufacture somewhere. Whether it is in the maceration, distillation, colouring, or bottling stage, I don't know. I am not now, or ever would be attempting to bring this fine product down.
Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2002 - 5:44 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Yeah, even the folks that made it
can't believe the ridiculous accusations....

Did you get your quarterly report yet?

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