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Unopened vintage Pernod

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Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 - 1:22 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Emile 68 could approach (somewhat)the taste of PF, if the final coloring/flavoring stage were more aggressive. My Emile 68, while good, is closer to subtle la bleu, than it is to PF. Again, this is only my opinion, your mileage may vary. Perhaps if one were to add some roman wormwood, balm lemon, and hyssop to the Emile.......
Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 - 12:05 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Chevalier, that is a lovely shade of green you are wearing!
Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 - 12:03 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I haven't tasted a commercial brand that resembles it at all.

Zman, you sure spent alot on that bottle of Boone's!! I have a bottle of MD 2020 I'll let ya have for half of what you paid for that Boone's!!
Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 - 11:52 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

When considering the commercial brands you have had, Which would you say the vintage Pernod resembles the most? Emile 68?
Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 - 9:19 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

What YOU had was Boone's Farm......
Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 - 4:30 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

You ... you ... bitch!
Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 - 4:01 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Definition of a true friend..... one who spends an insane amount of money on a bottle of good, rare booze, invites you over, cracks that bitch open like a cheap bottle of Boone's Farm and shares it without regret! Thank you Zman! Probably a once in a lifetime experience was had and is greatly appreciated.
Posted on Saturday, November 9, 2002 - 9:38 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Probably the bottle was discovered in the sea chest of a submariner. Everybody knows they like to go down on long black things full of seamen.
Posted on Friday, November 8, 2002 - 4:23 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Naw...I asked Head to post the pics because he has so much more success than I in the photo department. As for taste, I only had one glass of it so far (the one in the picture). It was very pleasant to taste. One thing that caught my nose and palate was the faint scent and taste of vanilla. I don't know if it is just from sitting so long in the bottle or what. But the taste was very good, like a much better version of Emile 68. Anise was prominent, but not overpowering.
Posted on Friday, November 8, 2002 - 4:18 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

That guy's a rear admiral.....

With lots of anal seamen under his command...

(hangover + work = juvenile humor)
Posted on Friday, November 8, 2002 - 4:09 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

And it could make us think about who's pulling this prosthetic head's strings...

Forgot to logoff before posting the pics buddy ? ;-)
Posted on Friday, November 8, 2002 - 1:13 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I don't think Head tried it... unless he got a little reward for posting Zman's photos?
Posted on Friday, November 8, 2002 - 1:11 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Is that you have to say Head? The man of many words? Were you too besotted to articulate?

Fill us in - did it satisfy the taste? -did it satisfy the fantasy?

What’s the story morning glory>

Posted on Thursday, November 7, 2002 - 2:32 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post


MILLINGTON TN 38018-0000

Ser 603/00031
16 Feb 99
From: Commander, Navy Personnel Command


Ref: (a) DoD Directive 1332.30, Officer Separations, of 21 Dec 93
(b) DoD Directive 1332.14, Enlisted Separations, of 21 Dec 93
(c) SECNAVINST 1920.6A, Officer Separations
(d) SECNAVINST 1910.4A, Enlisted Separations
(e) OPNAVINST 5350.4B, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control
(f) CNO WASHINGTON DC 092030Z Feb 95 (NAVADMIN 031/95)

1. This document provides commands information on how to prevent Sailors from using Absinthe and other products that contain substances that are banned by the Food and Drug Administration. Absinthe is an alcoholic beverage containing Thujone, a psychotropic substance banned by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1972.
2. References (a) through (d) establish criteria for separating servicemembers from the Navy by reason of misconduct due to drug abuse. Article 112a of Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) prohibits "illegal use or wrongful use or possession of controlled substance(s)." Article 112a also lists "various controlled substances, prescribed by the President for purposes of this article, and any other substance listed in Schedules I through V of section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 812)." The Controlled Substances Act is a consolidation of numerous laws regulating manufacture, use, and distribution of narcotics, stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogens.

3. Since Absinthe and other alcohol products containing Thujone are not listed in any of the Schedules of Controlled Substances, individuals who knowingly abuse them are not in violation of Article 112a of the UCMJ. Members who knowingly use, possess, or distribute them while outside the United States can, however, be charged with a violation of Article 134, clause 1 (Assimilated Crimes Act) or Article 92 (Dereliction of Duty). To prohibit the wrongful use of products containing Thujone, the following standing order is recommended:

"Any person subject to the UCMJ who wrongfully uses, possesses, or distributes any product containing Thujone or any substance banned by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1972 to create an intoxicating effect on the user's mental or physical health shall be disciplined as a courtmartial may direct. Use, possession, or distribution is wrongful if it is without legal justification or authorization."
4. With this standing order in place, commands may process for administrative separation any individual who knowingly abuses Absinthe or any other product containing Thujone for misconduct due to commission of a serious offense. Commands must ensure that any individual who abuses Absinthe or any product containing Thujone is screened for dependency, and if identified as dependent, commands must comply with the provisions of references (e) and (f) as appropriate.

5. New drugs and different forms of old drugs continue to appear, and Navy policies and enforcement techniques must adapt to these changes. Navy remains committed to "Zero Tolerance" of drug abuse. We will continue to review current policies and promulgate revised policy as necessary. NPC-6 point of contact is Mr. Flannery (NPC-603) at (DSN) 882-4400, (C) 901-874-4400, or (E-Mail) P603@PERSNET.NAVY.MIL.

Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy
Commander, Navy Personnel Command
Posted on Thursday, November 7, 2002 - 1:08 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I wish my digital cam was better, and had smellovision and tasteovision.
Posted on Thursday, November 7, 2002 - 11:59 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

The bottle was from Ebay. It was once the proud possesion of the US gubmint for offshore US Navy officer's clubs, I believe.
Posted on Thursday, November 7, 2002 - 11:09 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

The infamous purchase that took bread from the mouths of starving Slobovian children? I see a "Navy" stamp on the bottle.
Posted on Thursday, November 7, 2002 - 6:50 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Heady, Heady, Heady ... did you buy this one from Betina? She was selling a Tarragona bottle of her own a few weeks back ...
Posted on Thursday, November 7, 2002 - 5:00 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Posted on Wednesday, November 6, 2002 - 8:52 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

The images you've all been
pitching tents for...


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