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So you can know who to blame

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Archive through November 19, 2002Drinky_Crow25 11-19-02  7:16 pm
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Posted on Friday, November 22, 2002 - 9:11 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post


Suckin' Head
Posted on Friday, November 22, 2002 - 5:31 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

"doth he sip arses"

Why yes! Yes he does!
Posted on Friday, November 22, 2002 - 12:29 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Some selections for HEAD:

hosed piss hater
hated horse piss
spies horde hats
sad sheepish rot
raped shit shoes
psst shadier hoe
oh ripest shades
toadish spheres
shoe spared shit
shoe shit spread
dashpot heiress
hoisted sherpas
horsiest shaped
a deer's shit shop
the parish doses
I shred ape hosts
doth he sip arses
he has sir despot
stars hop he dies
ET has hose drips
does he sip trash
he shared to piss
sheath dropsies
hophead sisters
sheared sophist
Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2002 - 8:10 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Chong Diggity in the hizzouse! Hollaah.
Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2002 - 12:57 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

ARL hili mold
ah drill limo
ah drill moil
ail dorm hill
ail drill Ohm
ail droll him
aim hill lord
aim hold rill
air hill mold
air hold mill
aldol hili Mr
ali dorm hill
ali drill Ohm
ali droll him
all dorm hili
alm hili lord
am droll hili
ami hill lord
ami hold rill
arid him loll
arm doli hill
arm doll hili
arm hill idol
arm hill lido
DMA hili roll
DMA hill roil
Dom hail rill
Dom hila rill
Dom hill lair
Dom hill liar
Dom hill lira
Dom hill rail
Dom hill rial
dail hill ROM
dail him roll
dail mill rho
dail Ohm rill
dam hili roll
dam hill roil
dial hill ROM
dial him roll
dial mill rho
dial Ohm rill
dill hail ROM
dill halm rio
dill halm roi
dill halo rim
dill ham roil
dill harm lio
dill harm oil
dill hi molar
dill hi moral
dill hila ROM
dill him oral
dill lair Ohm
dill liar Ohm
dill lima rho
dill limo rah
dill lira Ohm
dill mail rho
dill mali rho
dill moil rah
dill Ohm rail
dill Ohm rial
dim hail roll
dim hair loll
dim hall roil
dim halo rill
dim hila roll
dim hill oral
dir hail moll
dir hall limo
dir hall moil
dir hallo mil
dir halo mill
dir hila moll
dir hill loam
dir hill malo
doh lair mill
doh liar mill
doh lima rill
doh lira mill
doh mail rill
doh mali rill
doh mill rail
doh mill rial
doli hall rim
doli ham rill
doli harm ill
doli hill mar
doli hill RAM
doli hill ram
doli mill rah
doll hail rim
doll hair mil
doll hila rim
doll hili mar
doll hili RAM
doll hili ram
doll him lair
doll him liar
doll him lira
doll him rail
doll him rial
doll hr milia
doll milia rh
dollar hi mil
dollar him il
dor hail mill
dor hila mill
dor hili mall
dor hill lima
dor hill mail
dor hill mali
dorm hail ill
dorm hila ill
dr hili molal
dra hili moll
dra hill limo
dra hill moil
drail hi moll
drail hill mo
drail ho mill
drail ill Ohm
drail mill oh
dram hill lio
dram hill oil
drill ha limo
drill ha moil
drill hail mo
drill halo mi
drill ham lio
drill ham oil
drill hi loam
drill hi malo
drill hila mo
drill ho lima
drill ho mail
drill ho mali
drill lima oh
drill mail oh
drill mali oh
droll hail mi
droll hi lima
droll hi mail
droll hi mali
droll hila mi
droll hili MA
droll hili ma
had limo rill
had mill roil
had moil rill
hail lord mil
hail mid roll
hail mill rod
hail mod rill
hail moll rid
hair ill mold
hair lid moll
hair loll mid
hair mill old
hairdo ill ml
halidom rill
hall idol rim
hall lid miro
hall lido rim
hall limo rid
hall mid roil
hall mild rio
hall mild roi
hall moil rid
hallo lid rim
hallo mil rid
halm lid roil
halo mid rill
halo mill rid
haloid ill Mr
ham idol rill
ham lido rill
hard ill limo
hard ill moil
hard lio mill
hard mill oil
harm idol ill
harm ill lido
harold i mill
harold il mil
harold ill mi
hi laird moll
hi loll mardi
hi modal rill
hid ill molar
hid ill moral
hid lair moll
hid liar moll
hid lima roll
hid lira moll
hid loam rill
hid loll rami
hid loll rima
hid mail roll
hid mali roll
hid mall roil
hid malo rill
hid mill oral
hid moll rail
hid moll rial
hila lord mil
hila mid roll
hila mill rod
hila mod rill
hila moll rid
hili lam lord
hili lord mal
hili mad roll
hili mall rod
hili marl old
hili molal rd
hili moll rad
hill id molar
hill id moral
hill idol mar
hill idol RAM
hill idol ram
hill ira mold
hill lad miro
hill laid ROM
hill lair mod
hill laird mo
hill lard moi
hill liar mod
hill lid mora
hill lid roam
hill lido mar
hill lido RAM
hill lido ram
hill lima rod
hill limo rad
hill lira mod
hill lo mardi
hill load rim
hill loam rid
hill lord mia
hill mad roil
hill mail rod
hill mali rod
hill malo rid
hill mid oral
hill mil orad
hill mil road
hill mild oar
hill ml radio
hill mod rail
hill mod rial
hill moil rad
hill old rami
hill old rima
him laid roll
him load rill
him loll raid
ho laird mill
hoard il mill
hoard ill mil
hod lair mill
hod liar mill
hod lima rill
hod lira mill
hod mail rill
hod mali rill
hod mill rail
hod mill rial
hold ill rami
hold ill rima
hold ira mill
hold lair mil
hold liar mil
hold lira mil
hold mia rill
hold mil rail
hold mil rial
holdall i rim
hr iliad moll
Idaho ml rill
idol mill rah
iliad moll rh
ill laird Ohm
laid mill rho
laid Ohm rill
laird mill oh
lido mill rah
loll midi rah
Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 6:15 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Anagrams of "Radomil Hill":

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 5:54 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

"Hold the garlic and pass the ammunition ... "

YES!!! Where the vegetables are green and you can pee right into the stream, and that's important Dear Friends. Yes, we're back from the shadows again.

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