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Happy beltane, forumites

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Carl Guderian (Bjacques)
le Duc
Username: Bjacques

Post Number: 253
Registered: 4-2001
Posted on Sunday, May 4, 2003 - 5:13 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

My friend cleaned up on Queensday. She got an original work by Kagmann, who does odd paintings in the style of Delftware, for only 3 euros. She also found a discarded microscope and a photo enlarger, both working (she's a geek). I got Commander Cody live at the Armadillo World Headquarters.

I used my Starzaplenty to clean a piece of gum off my clothes.
mattm3 (Mattm3)
le Duc
Username: Mattm3

Post Number: 188
Registered: 4-2003

Posted on Saturday, May 3, 2003 - 2:22 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Goth Girls Rule!!!
Pervert Euchre (Perruche_verte)
Elitist Bastard
Username: Perruche_verte

Post Number: 459
Registered: 12-2000

Posted on Saturday, May 3, 2003 - 11:44 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

I celebrated the near-end of my bronchitis by tasting the Emile 68 Sapin and Blanche. Absinthe is good medicine!

And if you use Vapo-Rub at the same time, you get an amazing thujone buzz... or menthol buzz... or whatever.

I think the Blanche is my favorite. It's just so crisp - so up-front.
"Drink accomplished what God did not." --Marguerite Duras
Althea (Rosietwobears)
le Vicomte
Username: Rosietwobears

Post Number: 65
Registered: 10-2002

Posted on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 8:43 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

queensday is also the top fleamarket day
yay cheap broken things that no one wants anymore!
Absinthe maketh the heart grow fonder
Carl Guderian (Bjacques)
le Duc
Username: Bjacques

Post Number: 246
Registered: 4-2001
Posted on Friday, May 2, 2003 - 7:58 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Walpurgisnacht is also Queensday in the Netherlands. It's the birthday of the previous (to 1980) queen, because the current one's birthday is in late January; while it always rains on Queensday, at least it's not too cold. Queensday also has the benefit of making the workers too hungover to march in solidarity with other workers or international socialism (TM) the next day...
Moonman's friend (Wolfgang)
Elitist Bastard
Username: Wolfgang

Post Number: 919
Registered: 7-2001
Posted on Thursday, May 1, 2003 - 11:09 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Every year someone have to write that one on Beltane's day (or maybe it was always Artemis doing that...) ;-).
Quidam (Artemis)
Absinthe Mafia
Username: Artemis

Post Number: 758
Registered: 10-2000

Posted on Thursday, May 1, 2003 - 2:37 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Hooray, hooray, the first of May!
Outdoor fucking begins today!
Quelle vie ont eue nos grands-parents
Entre l'absinthe et les grands-messes... ?

Pastor of Muppets (Emmy)
Absinthe Mafia
Username: Emmy

Post Number: 106
Registered: 9-2001

Posted on Thursday, May 1, 2003 - 12:26 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

just wanted to wish you all a happy beltane today.

this day used to have other significance to me as well, but today i'm going to be leaving that world behind, drinking a glass or three of the green, and learning to live in my new (or old) skin.


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