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Burning Man Absinthe?

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Raschied Britannica (Raschied)
Absinthe Mafia
Username: Raschied

Post Number: 373
Registered: 3-2002

Posted on Sunday, September 14, 2003 - 4:25 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

I had the usual debate (is vodka/wormwood swill really absinthe) with a buddy of mine who scored a bottle of the burning man stuff. He pulled the "if they've been doing it that way for years, they must be doing something right" argument.

I mentioned that my kid has been crapping in her pants for over a year - that doesn't make it any better.

Ya gotta love species
That fling their own feces!
Green Meanie (Greenmeanie)
le Duc
Username: Greenmeanie

Post Number: 333
Registered: 4-2002
Posted on Sunday, September 14, 2003 - 9:54 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

You mean that really isn't the way to make absinthe??? WTF!!

Ober-Gruppen Fuhrer
Traineraz (Traineraz)
Elitist Bastard
Username: Traineraz

Post Number: 968
Registered: 5-2002
Posted on Saturday, September 13, 2003 - 7:59 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post


He who would sacrifice liberty for security deserves neither.

-- Thus Spake Zoboomafoo
Marc Chevalier (Chevalier)
Absinthe Mafia
Username: Chevalier

Post Number: 1446
Registered: 11-2001

Posted on Monday, September 8, 2003 - 9:54 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Everything you've always wanted to know about the Burning Man absinthe "recipe":

Pervert Euchre (Perruche_verte)
Elitist Bastard
Username: Perruche_verte

Post Number: 508
Registered: 12-2000

Posted on Monday, September 8, 2003 - 9:49 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

The vile steep I once made (and, to my shame, served to others) came from a recipe concocted by someone who is part of that scene.

If someone showed up with a bottle of HG or Un Emile, I suspect they'd say "That's not real absinthe, maaaan... it doesn't HURT when you drink it."
"Drink accomplished what God did not." --Marguerite Duras
Mr. Lover Lover (Celticgent)
le Vicomte
Username: Celticgent

Post Number: 97
Registered: 10-2002

Posted on Monday, September 8, 2003 - 7:07 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

The first "absinthe" I had ever tried was a few years ago from someone who brought it back from burning man. It was a vile concoction of vodka and "herbs" that I choked down neat. I felt as if I had been raped orally by a drunk xmas tree.
(they look at you very oddly when you ask for the children's section in Victoria's Secret)
Mrs. Head (Admin)
Madame Guillotine
Username: Admin

Post Number: 1292
Registered: 1-1998

Posted on Sunday, September 7, 2003 - 10:14 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

they've been doing it for years. not sure its the same "absinthe camp" though.

heard it's awful. as of 4 yrs ago it was vodka/wormwood etc.

A lady who has a secure seat is never prettier than when in the saddle, and she who cannot make her conquest there, may despair of the power of her charms elsewhere. - THE MANNERS THAT WIN, 1880
Raschied Britannica (Raschied)
Absinthe Mafia
Username: Raschied

Post Number: 369
Registered: 3-2002

Posted on Saturday, September 6, 2003 - 7:51 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Anyone here attend Burning Man? I heard from some friends there was an Absinthe camp, and they were passing out homemade absinthe. Just wondering if it was hogsmack or if it's the usual vodka/wormwood poison that's so popular in colleges these days.
Ya gotta love species
That fling their own feces!

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