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Excerpts of an article from "Vaginal ...

Sepulchritude Forum » The Absinthe Forum » Strictly Absinthe & Collectibles » Archive Thru March 2003 » Excerpts of an article from "Vaginal and Anal Secretions" on the production of home(y)made "Pimp"sinthe « Previous Next »

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Oxygenee (Oxygenee)
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Posted on Monday, March 17, 2003 - 3:41 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

"As you get more experienced, experiment...adding a small amount of methanol"

I'd suggest perhaps committing these recipes to memory first, because they'll be hard to read after you go blind.
Mondino de' Luzzi (Drinkslinger)
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Posted on Monday, March 17, 2003 - 2:16 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Did you lift that from Winston's site? He's gonna be pissed!
Absinthe Queen of Reviews (Head_prosthesis)
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Posted on Sunday, March 16, 2003 - 10:01 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

here's the link for those who
might wanna play a playah!

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Absinthe Queen of Reviews (Head_prosthesis)
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Posted on Sunday, March 16, 2003 - 9:49 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post


Vaginal and Anal Secretions Newsletter
Issue #116 - 4/24/1996

Ί Home Absinthe Manufacture Ί
I know you are thinking right now, "What the fuck is Absinthe?". Absinthe
is a form of liqour made from wormwood. It is illegal in every country
except for Spain, Portugal and Denmark. Here in the US, not much is known
about it, so cops will probably think it is just plain alcohol. However,
in Europe, this stuff is highly cracked down upon. It was thought to cause
insanity and death in the 19th century and has since been banned. You might
be thinking, "So why the fuck should i care about some nasty tasting liqour
when i can be drinking Absolute?". The answer is that Absinthe produces
hallucinations and gives a better buzz than normal hard liqour. People have
compared it to an extremely long Nitrous trip with mild pysilocibin style
hallucinations. So you know see why this drug is so cool. It gives a long
Nitrous buzz with trips. But you might be asking now, "Why should i risk
my life and sanity drinking this shit?". Do you think OE is any safer?
However, since Absinthe has been banned so long that it has been almost
forgotten, you have a .000001% chance of finding a dealer that can get you
it. So, the obvious thing to do is make it. Lately, i have seen several
recipes floating around USENET for it. I will include them with comments
along with some of my own.

*insert some fine ass "ho" made recipes*

** PiMp AbSiNThE **

1 cup Diluted Grain Alcohol(ethanol) 75% (3 parts alc., 1 part water)
1 tsp dried and crumbled wormwood

Add the wormwood to the alcohol and shake it. Put it in a warm area, like
near a heat duct for 2-3 days. Now Strain the wormwood out of the alcohol.
Now you may use whatever mixture of spices you want to flaver it. The stuff
for number 2 would be a good idea because those spices are easy to get and
you know it will be more like absynthe then some random choice. As you get
more experienced, experiment with other spices, more wormwood, adding a small
amount of methanol, etc.. Leave the stuff in their for a week and then
strain or filter it out.

When your done making it, the vodka should have been turned a dark
greenish color. If it isn't, it dosen't really matter. The 19th century
distilleries often added chemicals to color it. It should at least have a
greenish tint to it. Before you drink it, add the syrup or sugar. It should
change color to a cloudy white. For the Pimp version, you should put some
water in a glass and hold a strainer filled with sugar over it. Now pour the
absinthe through the strainer. Drink up.

Excessive use is supposed to cause psychosis, hallucinations and insanity.
But they say the same thing about Psychedelics. I say Fuck Em'.

And to make it all legal and what not...


(C)opywrite If YoU RiP ThIs OfF wE WiLL FuCk YoU uP!

Whadda yah know... Detroit area phone numbers...
Pata-P is the DUKE! Duke a' New York. HE'S "A" NUMBER ONE!!!

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