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Interview with a Troll

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Author Message
Crosby (Crosby)
Absinthe Mafia
Username: Crosby

Post Number: 456
Registered: 12-2001

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 11:48 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Good advice.
C'est ma santé
The Red Pidgeon (Icarus)
le Vicomte
Username: Icarus

Post Number: 92
Registered: 4-2003

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 10:46 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Matt that's dangerous talk, especially in a public forum. Just a heads up!

Be smart.
Jack Collins (_blackjack_)
Absinthe Mafia
Username: _blackjack_

Post Number: 937
Registered: 11-2000

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 10:43 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Settle down, Beavis.
mattm3 (Mattm3)
le Duc
Username: Mattm3

Post Number: 156
Registered: 4-2003

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 8:14 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Admin: for your own good, li'l guy.
Goth Girls Rule!!!
Jack Collins (_blackjack_)
Absinthe Mafia
Username: _blackjack_

Post Number: 934
Registered: 11-2000

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 3:30 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

A virus is not the same as an ass-kicking. Ass-kicking activiates a primal, innate fear response, making it far more useful, as a means of behavior modification.

And I was speaking in a more general context. Getting his ass kicked now won't help this boy. He needs to have had to fear, over an extended period, the same POTENTIAL for an ass-kicking that he would have if he had been behaving in this manner to live people.

The ass-kicking isn't as important as the FEAR of the ass-kicking. Like animals on the Galapagos who never learned to fear man, this kid has not learned to associate being a dick with betting his ass kicked, and probably never will, even if the ass-kickings start to flow.
mattm3 (Mattm3)
le Duc
Username: Mattm3

Post Number: 153
Registered: 4-2003

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 2:57 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Sometimes I think the inability to send an ass-kicking by email has done real damage to civil discourse...

I'm working on getting some nice viruses if you're interested.

Goth Girls Rule!!!
Pataphysician (Pataphysician)
Elitist Bastard
Username: Pataphysician

Post Number: 541
Registered: 5-2001
Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 2:27 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

You are a saint. Trying to cleanse evil minds one at a time. Bless you.
Jack Collins (_blackjack_)
Absinthe Mafia
Username: _blackjack_

Post Number: 932
Registered: 11-2000

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 12:25 pm:   Edit PostPrint Post

Y'know, it really seems like he doesn't understand what isn't acceptable about saying "nuke all the brown people". I mean, sure, he was just trying to piss people off, but I really don't think he knows WHY that would piss people off.

Sometimes I think the inability to send an ass-kicking by email has done real damage to civil discourse...
Lordhobgoblin (Lordhobgoblin)
Absinthe Mafia
Username: Lordhobgoblin

Post Number: 754
Registered: 10-2000

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 10:27 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

He's still in the chat-room hanging around like a sad git with no friends. I bet he has severe acne and smells of piss.
mattm3 (Mattm3)
le Duc
Username: Mattm3

Post Number: 151
Registered: 4-2003

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 6:17 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

Wow, who was that? you got'em though
Goth Girls Rule!!!
Kallisti (Admin)
Madame Guillotine
Username: Admin

Post Number: 996
Registered: 1-1998

Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2003 - 1:03 am:   Edit PostPrint Post

see if you can guess who this is? (hint: I really am "kallisti")

Sit down and git comfortable ...


[kallisti] aw, c'mon. why so quiet?
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] lookin up ips
[kallisti] fun huh
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] yup good ole arin
[kallisti] why you spend friday/saturday nights being an asshole?
[kallisti] don't bother answering
[kallisti] trolls are trolls
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] i spend all day everyday bein an asshole
[kallisti] ding ding ding!
[kallisti] I WIN!!!!!
[kallisti] HAHAHHAAHHAHAAA!!!!!!
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] ok
[kallisti] ok, honest, why do you want to take sep down a notch
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] i think i made it clear on the other site
[kallisti] because of snobs?
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] yep
[kallisti] or the ip thing
[kallisti] oh
[kallisti] whats so snobby?
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] come on i cant say i think we should kill all brown ppl
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] maybe ignorant but still would be fun
[kallisti] no, you can't say that on the forum
[kallisti] it's awful
[kallisti] wtf!?!
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] well i like the idea
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] would save the lives of lots of white ppl
[kallisti] ok, but why say it on an absinthe forum
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] i said it on the war thread where better
[kallisti] ah, yer so full of shit
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] i am i need to go take care of that
[kallisti] c'mon, tell me the real reason you're hear
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] to fuck around
[kallisti] but why here?
[kallisti] you want to keep me busy?
[kallisti] keep me employed?
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] thought you were self-employed
[kallisti] do you go into stores, pick things up and then put them down somewhere else?
[kallisti] nope
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] naw thats too easy
[kallisti] it's the same sort of thing really
[kallisti] I'm just going around putting things back on shelf after you've been here
[kallisti] whatever
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] so your like the stock boy?
[kallisti] some day I really hate this job, but its the people I work with that make it worthwhile
[kallisti] yes, yes I am
[kallisti] I am the stockboy of absitnhe
[kallisti] absinthe
[kallisti] eek
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] so can you not ban me from the chat area?
[kallisti] see, it looks all glamourous, but I'm really just a janitor
[kallisti] naw, it's a test chat thingie, until we decide to subscribe
[kallisti] then I can ban you
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] awsaw

[kallisti] sorry, my chat window froze
[kallisti] you last posted: [Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] awsaw
[kallisti] did I miss anything?
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] no
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] why trolls suppose to have something to do with the lowest common denominator
[kallisti] um, because they're generally sociopathic dorks who have nothing better to do than trying to feel superior to other people by getting a reaction out of them
[kallisti] do you consider yourself a troll?
[kallisti] or did you just "fall into it"
[kallisti] heh
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] who feels superior?
[kallisti] so this doesn't actually make you feel better
[kallisti] and you are here because ...???
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] well its fun
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] and funny
[kallisti] riiiiight
[kallisti] that's that superior part I was talking about
[kallisti] busted
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] uh huh
[kallisti] so, do you do this professionally, or are bridge and tunnel?
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] watching ppl trash a screen really hurts
[kallisti] yeah, ouch
[kallisti] I know
[kallisti] same for me
[kallisti] we can bond there
[kallisti] it's just imaginary
[kallisti] I'm not kallisti
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] ok
[kallisti] but its fun
[kallisti] it's like a hobby
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] guess you couldnt ban be from the buyers guide
[kallisti] if someone doesn't like a project I built, it doesn't fuck with me at all
[kallisti] no, thats not my website
[kallisti] you'll definately have fun there
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] no i mean your buyers guide
[kallisti] um, no ... you can still read it
[kallisti] the internet is COOL like that
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] when ya gonna add more absinthes?
[kallisti] um, there is an assload of german and bohemian brands I've been slacking on cuz they're, well ... ASS
[kallisti] and a couple new good ones too
[kallisti] it's on my list
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] so all the german ones on alandia are shit?
[kallisti] naw, I haven't tried 'em all
[kallisti] but some of them are in the hills/czech tradition
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] i would like to see one on grune fee the spinach colored absinthe
[kallisti] yeah, that and there's a route 66 or something brand
[kallisti] I like the bottle
[kallisti] oh, and serpis minis .... weeeee!
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] when are all these ppl on the forum gonna do something about legalizing absinthe?
[kallisti] yeah, ones that don't suck
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] from hell didnt suck
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] just hard to tell what he was doing
[kallisti] yeah, I liked that one
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] shoulda left out the lighting part
[kallisti] my favorite is pretty baby
[kallisti] yeah, moulin rouge lit the sugar too
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] didnt see that part.......course moulin rouge sucked ass
[kallisti] well, I liked it, but I'm a daft cunt
[kallisti] I didn't LOVE it though
[kallisti] the costumes were cool. blah blah chick flick blah blah
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] right
[kallisti] so tell me, why you pick my forum to bomb brown people in, eh?
[kallisti] did we piss you off or something?
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] seemed as good a place as any
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] didnt know so many ppl loved brown ppl
[kallisti] brown ppl fucking ROCK dude
[kallisti] wtf!?!?!
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] sorry dont care for the lil bastards
[kallisti] I didn't realize there were still dinosaurs that still thought that way
[kallisti] but I live in california
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] oh the land of fruits and nutz
[kallisti] why?
[kallisti] did daddy not like 'em?
[kallisti] <- fruit
[kallisti] and you did what daddy told you?
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] muslims are poluting the world
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] check out the pop growth in france and the uk
[kallisti] oh, and fundamentalist doctor shooting missionary preaching christian aren't?
[kallisti] people are polution the world
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] i dont care for them either
[kallisti] period
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] not the ppl part
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] ya gotta have something to quite the masses
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] quiet even
[kallisti] do you really believe that? or is that just part of your M.O.?
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] believe what?
[kallisti] do you like black metal too?
[kallisti] that muslims/brown ppl are polluting the world
[kallisti] and should be nuked
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] hell yeah.....they are taking over europe
[kallisti] or do you use that to get a rise out of people
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] if they didnt bomb white ppl i wouldnt have a problem but thats not the case
[kallisti] like, we um, took over this contintent from the brown people who lived here first
[kallisti] it's called LIFE fella
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] the indians had it coming
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] couldnt even survive small pox
[kallisti] hahha! you're just being an asshole
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] thats right
[kallisti] you don't believe that shit
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] the indians are ok if you like ppl that will drink drano
[kallisti] riiiight
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] never been hard up enough to try drano or rubbing alcohol myself
[kallisti] blah blah racist crap blah blah ...
[kallisti] yawn
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] u got a better topic?
[kallisti] I guess its too easy to go over to a racist crap forum
[kallisti] nope. too bored
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] i dont think i am a racist
[kallisti] cuz it's not about *what* you spew, you think it gets a rise out of people
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] i think i am a bigot
[kallisti] but whatever you do, you're a troll.
[kallisti] and I don't buy none of it
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] i a tryin to sell it to you just expressing my opinion
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] aint tryin
[kallisti] there's a time and place
[kallisti] you're not here to express your opinion
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] anytime anywhere
[kallisti] you're here to troll. period.
[kallisti] anyways. you got real boring real fast. I'm off to bed
[Kallisti_Is_A_Daft_Cunt] have fun with your brown ppl

You've been trolled, troll.

“A lady who has a secure seat is never prettier than when in the saddle, and she who cannot make her conquest there, may despair of the power of her charms elsewhere.” - THE MANNERS THAT WIN, 1880

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