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By Loucheliver on Sunday, March 18, 2001 - 07:09 pm: Edit

1st of all, let me thank Ted for his generosity, and commend him for his art. He is nothing short of a 21st Century alchemist.
I found the N.S. to be very enjoyable as well, and as much has recently been very ably posted about it, let me just say I'll be pulling the trigger on an order to SC for a few bottles because this will become my daily tipple. For the price you can't beat the drinkability and the added complexity of flavor it has above and beyond Deva.
I had been saving the remainder of the BEI La Bleue for the shindig, and it was treat to see that lovely ass white louche with the bit of blue ringing the edge again. I agree with Mr. Rabbit that the flavor isn't as complex as anticipated, but it is very refreshing, tasty, and drinkable. Probably the most drinkable absinthe I've tried. As to the Extra Fun Stuff that comes with drinking it, I agree wholeheartedly, it packs quite a nice punch. I've never had someone enjoy the neon clock quite so much.Quick, hard to miss, and it hangs around for a while too.
The Herring was a thin lemony mess. Maybe only good for putting in coffee for a little eyeopener.
Ted's Edouard Pernod is a revelation! If drunk quickly, it slips smoothly by. Velvety. If you hold it on your tongue for a while, all kinds of flavors start to bloom. Some pleasantly bitter, some sweetish, all lovely. They come on one after another. Quite an experience.
The Nouvelle Orleans is a different taste indeed. There is a bite to it, but not unpleasant at all. As one of the tasters pointed out, it comes as suprise because the aroma gives no notice as to what is to come. Bit of a shock at 1st taste is all. Overall, it is very clean and dry. It finishes with a bit of a tingle on the tongue. Smooth as hell before that. Some spice in there maybe?
My palate isn't educated to the herbal nuances of absinthe, but both of these are stellar products, whatever is in them. As to the color, they are both the shade of green that the Spanish bottles are to mask their lack of actually being that color.
And the next time I go to a supermarket, and see a row of V-8 bottles, I'm going to imagine them all full of Breaux's Bewitching Brews.
Great absinthe, great company, who needs anything else?

By Mr_Rabbit on Sunday, March 18, 2001 - 05:28 pm: Edit

Notes from the AA of PA...

The first absinthe I tried that I'd never had was BEI La Bleu. A beautiful white louche (just about exactly like the louche of the orange liquer Cointreu.) A very simple, clean flavor, not at all overwhelming. I would have liked there to be more going on to the flavor, but it isn't bad in the taste department at all. I wouldn't describe it as monochromatic like Montana (there was none of that 'flatness'.) The main thing I want to say about this absinthe is that on a full stomach, about ten minutes and halfway through the drink, I noticed definite, pronounced secondary effects. I was going on about some sociopolitical humbug (as I so often do), and I found myself stopping in mid-sentance. I had become captivated by a clock with a ring of red neon running around it. It was much, much brighter, and I found the vividness of it supplanted any thought other than 'whoa. That's one neony piece o neon over there.' I only wish there'd been wallpaper to stare at! Someone said something, I turned my head and was left looking at the after-images just as raptly. I can't speak to the secondary effects on anyone else of course... and I should say I'd had 5 hours sleep the night before. But... whoa doggy!

I also cant comment on any of the other brands (how would I know which one) save to say that I didn't feel the alcahol much at all until 3:30 am (we started about 8:30.)

The second was N.S. I found the flavor (and in fact am doing so right now) to be wonderful. Complex, with a bit of a bite (not unpleasant) and a beautiful minty finish. This is a very refreshing absinthe. With cold water, the louche was immediate and opaque, and there was a drop of oil floating on the top. With ice, a skin of oil will form on the surface. Even so, it manages to avoid being greasy. As far as the label goes, hell, it's like the 70's hotrod of absinthe. If it were a car, it would be a 'cuda. This is going to be the staple of my future orders.

Herring. It tastes like a lemon drop. The nose is just about exactly like lemon pledge, far more so than Lasalla. Not much of a louche, and nothing going on beyond lemonyness. I would drink this, but not if I were in the mood for absinthe, and I will not be ordering it again.

Ted's N.O. Packaged in a V8 bottle, it has forever altered the meaning of 'I could've had a v8! for me :-) I found this absinthe very complex, and to have quite a bite to it.

Ted's E.P. This absinthe is smoooooth. If you have a full bottle around, exercise extreme caution, as you could find yourself in Green Oblivion without realizing you'd had enough to get there. If you've had a Long Island Iced Tea, you will see what I am getting at. So amazingly balanced was this stuff that none of the herbs jumped out and grabbed you. They all seduced you and had their way with you at once. Ted is Da Man.

It was a very good time, and our hosts were the most! Fluid, you missed out on some good fluid, not to mention good company.

Vive Le A.A. of P.A!

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