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By Tabreaux on Thursday, March 15, 2001 - 07:27 pm: Edit

I received a bottle of the new Absinthe N.S. from Spirits Corner. As is already well known, the service was good, shipping time reasonable, and the packaging was very sound.

The product comes in a 1L clear glass bottle. The label is glossy, and contains scant information other than the usual claims of extraordinary quality, et al, and lists the alcoholic strength as 55%. Also worthy of note is the word "absinthe" as opposed to "absenta" typical of the Spanish fare. The color of the liqueur is a dark olive tint. The color looks convincing, but it almost certainly is artificial, if for no other reason that a color this dark would likely leave a pronounced flavor if colored naturally (which is missing).

The aroma from the liqueur has the familiar heavy star anise scent typical of the Spanish products, and a substantial concentration of this herb is definitely present, as evidenced by the thick louche. The taste reveals more subtle textures than the typical Spanish fare. This is perhaps because it does not seem to be so masked with sugar. This product seems just slightly drier than Deva, and can be described as being similar to Deva, but being a bit earthier, softer, and with no citrus notes. In comparing with other Spanish products, this product compares very favorably. It certainly has more in common with Deva as opposed to the pungent uniqueness of Segarra or the complexity of La Fee, and if you like Deva, you will like Absinthe N.S. probably at least as much.

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