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By Billynorm on Tuesday, June 27, 2000 - 12:48 am: Edit

Has anyone out there read Doris Lanier's book ABSINTHE - THE COCAINE OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY? I did & was disappointed. (The title I thought was ludicrous: they didn't have cocaine in the 19th century? Tell it to Sigmund Freud!) It was well-researched to a point, but only to prove her own anti-absinthe point of view. She repeated the story about the Swiss farmer who murdered his family after drinking absinthe, but neglected to mention that the farmer had been drinking other alcoholic drinks heavily all day! Instead of addressing the topic in the scholarly manner one has come to expect in books published by McFarland, as this one was, she acted like an overly zealous D.A.

But what do you think?

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