Now it is just plain sad......

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By br0therben on Tuesday, June 27, 2000 - 12:49 pm: Edit

Well, in a way we asked for it. Let's face it, all this thujone talk was bound to lift the snouts of some keen capitalists looking to make a buck or two off the "madness-inducing" power of thujone. Coupled with the (I believe) purposely-obscure label, it seems evident what kind of market the creators of this new product were targeting, i.e., those people seeking the seven cities of sensual oblivion promised by prohibitionists and do-gooders 100 years ago. Maybe those people will someday realize that A joint and a flask of Mad Dog should have a much greater effect...
The good side of the incoming absinthe craze is that there are people like Don and Ted working on new products that will help us enjoy a more "authentic" absinthe experience. And at the very least there will be more products on the market, meaning more competition, lower prices, etc. And hell, if America is losing out on enough money she may even legalize Absinthe.
At least they didn't directly refer to it as "absinthe" (though they claim it is similar to~, I think).

By Chrysippvs on Tuesday, June 27, 2000 - 12:49 am: Edit

Went over to and found this:


(0.5 l bottle, 55% Alc.- 10mg/kg of thujon guaranteed)

T.H.C. liqueur is another drink of the Absinth family. T.H.C. liqueur is a bitterish spirituous drink with a fine cinnamon scent. A top-class English gin made of juniper berries, cinnamon and herbs is used. It contains thujone (max. 10 mg/kg) which gives the liqueur a bitterish flavour. While drinking it you won´t get drunk as quickly as if you'd drunk the same amount of the spirit of the same alcohol content. After enjoying T.H.C. liqueur you will feel excellent and refreshed. We recommend you drink it mixed with tonic, ice, lemon, and serve well-chilled. Mix 1 part of T.H.C. with 5 parts of tonic. This is a totally unique liqueur.


I just don't what to say...


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