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By prophet on Tuesday, July 04, 2000 - 05:35 am: Edit

I had/have some problems with my order from the Spirits Corner. I placed my order at 05/29/2000 and received my confirmation a few days after that. Then about two weeks passed and I received an info email saying that my order has been sent to me. Another two and a half weeks passed and I e-mailed them again and asked where my order was. (it should have arrived in a week). Now I got two different replies from them (from different people.) They both said that they will investigate where my order is and send it to me again if it's stolen or broken. So now I'll just have to wait more. My usual luck. All my absinthe orders from different places have always arrived, but la boheme was the only company able to deliver the product in time. And with my luck, that order was cathed by the customs and I had to pay enormous taxes from it.

But the subject of spirits corner. I guess there are just some people spending their summer vacations right now and the part-time workers cannot do their job as well. :)

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