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By Argon 39 on Wednesday, June 28, 2000 - 07:14 pm: Edit

Well, since you had so much to say about the Staroplzensky Absinth I may as well add my experience with La Boheme.

First I happily placed my order online, where you are informed you will be getting conformation via e-mail, and that the order would arrive within ten business days. That was on a Friday night.

I waited and sent them an email asking for a conformation on Tuesday of the following week. The next day I got an obscure message pertaining to my order, personalized but not very specific. So I waited somemore.

That following Wednesday (Week #2) I asked once more for the status of my order. Three days later I was e-mailed telling me that the order was on its way.

The order arrived on a Thursday, 15 working days from the day I placed the order.

If anyone else has had better communication and quicker orders from them "Lucky You!" For me though I thought the 60+ dollars would have been better spent at Spirits Corner. I could have gotten two GOOD bottles of Absinthe from them.

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