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By Don Walsh on Thursday, June 29, 2000 - 12:46 pm: Edit


Star anise is a Chinese herb.

Sometimes employed in Asian cooking: a well known example is the Thai dish called kao khao moo (stewed pigs knuckles over rice). Quite delicious.

The Asians regard Star anise as a 'warming'' herb (promoting gas) not to be used to excess. There was also much dissension between the French versus Swiss absinthe distillers as to the prper role if any for star anise. Some who held that wormwood was damned good for you, regarded star anise as unhealthy! and eschewed its use.

Ted and I likewise regard it as an herb not be used more than absolutely required.

By Chrysippvs on Thursday, June 29, 2000 - 08:14 am: Edit

Got a bottle of Herring absnthe in the other day and decided to take a sample and see what new things those Spanish (you happy Marc??) gentleman are up to.

Having a nice bottle and a very professional label I kept one for display in my room. Waiting to sample it, Ted B stopped by on his way out of town and after some discussion we cracked open the bottle for a taste. Very yellow likened unto Montana or Segarra, Herring smelled very much of acrid Star Anise, not unusual for the Spanish. Pouring sugarless water, it louched somewhat more translucent than Montana but not quite as well as Segarra although as the water remained in the glass it was a milky-yellow. Drinking from Monimettes we discussed the difference it makes to use anise seed rather than Star anise and both agreed that Star Anise is simple to acrid and sharp. It seems more complex than Montana or Mari Mayabs, but less so than Deva. I didn't have but 1 glass so no seconday affects with this one as of yet.

A nice absinthe if you are able to enjoy Montana or Segarra. I suppose I have been spoiled on others thus the acrid taste of Star anise is too blunt for my tastes, but I recommend it to anyone.

Take care everyone.


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