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By Heiko on Sunday, April 08, 2001 - 07:39 pm: Edit


I tend toward the HTML/Java/web end than the hardware end.

This is much less of a mystery. There's many women interested in that, because it involves creativity, design, communication and so on.
The hardware "how can I optimize the airstream inside my computer's case" is kind of typically male: it's not intellectual at all, it's just straightforward handcraft...and of course it gives us the possibility to be better than others in hard numbers ("me cpu 45°" - "harr, me's a only 44°" ;-)).

...nothing better than to laugh about myself, but nevertheless I like the coolers/fans stuff...

By _Blackjack on Sunday, April 08, 2001 - 04:43 pm: Edit


By Morriganlefey on Sunday, April 08, 2001 - 04:13 pm: Edit

Whoa there, Atemis - "She has already confessed she's only concerned with fashion and other such girly things." Ahem???? ONLY? My reference to the Moulin Rouge thread was a tongue-in-cheek lil jab at Marc. You of all people here (I hope) should know me well enough to know that I am not so superficial.

By the by, I DO know my fair share about computers, but I tend toward the HTML/Java/web end than the hardware end.

- M

(Yes, I did view the film you mentioned. Most excellent, on many levels. I've always been a fan of Janine Garafaolo, especially in tuff-chick rolls.)

By _Blackjack on Sunday, April 08, 2001 - 03:07 pm: Edit

There are plenty of women who are interested, and very knowlegable, about the workings of computers. They are considerably less liekly to be overcome with the testosterone-driven urge to crank up the computer past specs in hopes of gaining a few frames plaing Quake. Overclocking is the computer equivalent of hot-rodding, and is, essentially, a penis thing.

By Heiko on Sunday, April 08, 2001 - 09:37 am: Edit


I got it, I think I should have written "I had been stunned..." to make myself clear - damn tenses! Should rather work on my English than on my computer ;-)

Just wanted to say I'm glad she solved the mystery. It was a mystery to me because I've read her earlier posts (like some on the "c**t" thread) and then she (actually her boyfriend, I know) suddenly posted on this extreme techie-topic with obviously profound knowledge.

By Artemis on Sunday, April 08, 2001 - 09:08 am: Edit

Morrigan *isn't* interested in cooling systems, unless you're talking about folding Japanese fans; she didn't even make that post.

She has already confessed she's only concerned with fashion and other such girly things.

I wonder if she watched that movie I told her about?

By Lordhobgoblin on Sunday, April 08, 2001 - 08:52 am: Edit


It's not that women can't know about the internal workings of a computer, it's just that they've usually got more sense than to be bothered knowing about it :-)


PS. My wife knows infinitely more about car engines than I do. If I have an engine problem I ask her and she shows me what to do.

By Heiko on Sunday, April 08, 2001 - 08:21 am: Edit


I was really stunned you are interested in cooling systems, an area that is somewhat comparable to tuning car engines or something like that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying women can't know about it - it's just very rare they are interested in it.
btw I don't know much about car engines (uhm, almost nothing), so I gotta compensate with computer cooling ;-)

By Msjekyll on Saturday, April 07, 2001 - 08:42 pm: Edit

Dung has had its uses throughout history!

By Rupert1029 on Saturday, April 07, 2001 - 08:22 pm: Edit

Get some Serpis. You'll be glad you did.

By Artemis on Saturday, April 07, 2001 - 08:16 pm: Edit

Serpis is red with the blood of dung beetles.

By Msjekyll on Saturday, April 07, 2001 - 08:11 pm: Edit

Thank for the suggestions. I was planing on ordering Segarra, another Deva and NS, but what the hell, I may thow in the Serpis too. It's the red absinthe, isn't it?

By Melinelly on Saturday, April 07, 2001 - 04:43 pm: Edit

heh, thought that was him =P

By Morriganlefey on Saturday, April 07, 2001 - 01:39 pm: Edit

Heiko -

Um..sorry to burst your bubble, but that was actually my boyfriend posting on water coolant systems. He reviews hardware for a living and couldn't resist stealing my identity to post when he saw you guys talking about Athlons.

Me, personally, I'd rather talk about fashion & the Moulin Rouge, right Marc? Riigghhttt.


- Morrigan

By Lordhobgoblin on Saturday, April 07, 2001 - 12:49 am: Edit

Ms Jekyll,

Add a bottle of Serpis to your next Spirits Corner order.


By Heiko on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 09:23 pm: Edit

Back to topic (but I just can't remain quiet if its about computers - and I'm glad I'm not the only one here):

MsJekyll, if you like the aftertaste of Deva 50 but not so much the primary sweet licorice/star anise flavor, I can also recommend Deva 70 (although I personally think it's not really worth the higher price).

Can't comment on Segarra yet, but got it on the way, hope I like it.

By Heiko on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 09:08 pm: Edit

you're obviously a hardcore-OC'er - are you amongst those who burn their systems for some dozen points in 3DMark? ;-)
I only run the 1 Gig at 1040 - had it at 1060, but my latest memory upgrade won't run stable at 141MHz - enough, everything else would make it louder again (like raising the voltage)!

I use an 8cm Fan on a Gladiator cooler (the only one I found for 8cm fans) - sounds much more pleasant than any of the shreaking 6cm.

good to hear a girl talking about computers from time to time, makes me feel less nerdy ;-)
Usually girls just give you a look that says "oh no it's the guys talking about their playthings again, how boooooring...".

Watercooling? Good....but look at this: http://www.vapochill.com/product/ ;-)
...a little pricey though...

By Bob_Chong on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 08:31 pm: Edit

Ms Jekyll:

Get Segarra from SC.


By Cheese on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 05:36 pm: Edit

Indeed he did. It sounds safer that way.

By Malhomme on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 02:40 pm: Edit

Justin said "highlighter fluid", as in florescent ink.

By Morriganlefey on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 02:14 pm: Edit

Good lord, water cooling is definitely not for everyone. Unless you know exactly what you're doing just go buy a shiney new Taisol or GlobalWin AIR cooled heatsink/fan. Just be careful mounting it.

By Cheese on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 12:58 pm: Edit

Justin, not everyone should be introducing water to the inside of their box. It's not the easiest thing in the world to setup.


PS What was the lighter fluid for? Just for effects?

By Melinelly on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 12:17 pm: Edit

hehe nifty. i'm upgrading to an athlon 1g next week. got a funky lookin chrome heatsink/fan and an extra case fan/exhaust card.

"speak up a little... eh?... the Blue Angels?... no, no, that's just my computer."

By Chrysippvs on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 10:34 am: Edit

you should get a water coolant system blackjack...my friend has one of those...he put some highlighter fluid it there and ran a little black light...little tubes of blowing blue fluid look realling cool inside a clear case...

By Msjekyll on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 10:23 am: Edit

I am new to absinthe also, and have recently purchased my first bottle. I chose Deva 50 from SC. The first glass, without sugar was good, a strong anis/licorice type flavor, but after that I did have to add sugar, quite a bit of sugar, because my mouth seemed slightly numbed or coated and the taste seemed more medicinal/bitter. But as I drink more of it I am finding I use less sugar each time. Once I get past the the sweet licorice flavor (which I like in small quantities) the secondary flavor is growing on me. Now, I'd like to try a few other brands for comparison. All the reviews and opinions in this forum are a great help in choosing what to buy and where to buy it from, thanks!

By _Blackjack on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 09:28 am: Edit

My Athlon system (750mhz overclocked to 1.1ghz) has so many fans it sounds like a vacuum cleaner...

By Dehydret on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 08:16 am: Edit

thanks again everyone ill let you know how it goes....

By Wolfgang on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 10:30 pm: Edit

I agree with the rabbit...

I got some secondary effects from deva (50 or 70) but not from NS. I didn't tasted the other one yet.

For me it's like an eye opening effect. Like right now, I confess, my body feel drunk, I'm searching for my keys but my eyes are wide open staring at this wonderful computer screen...

Well, why don't you just try it ? After all I'm not going to rewrite Beaudelaire's Les paradis perdus (lost paradises) ;-)


By Heiko on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 08:51 pm: Edit

...and the cooling fans sound like a torpedo as well...

By Heiko on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 08:50 pm: Edit

...mine melted when I first turned on my Athlon 1Gig - no need for a heater anymore ;-)

By Anatomist1 on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 08:36 pm: Edit

I think mine melted when I started using that 150,000 btu torpedo heater in my living room...

By Timk on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 04:31 pm: Edit

What - its not the absinthe thats causing my furniture to melt!

By Mr_Rabbit on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 04:24 pm: Edit

Depends who's talking.

Many people don't get secondary effects.

Many do- reports of clear, relaxed thinking (the alcahol buzz without the fuzzy stupidity) followed by a sudden realization you are wasted, and vivid dreams are the most common. Colors becoming more vivid, creativity stimulated, great conversations are also reported.

I have experienced all the above, cause I am one of the people who do get secondary effects :-)

Seeing melting furniture or things that aren't there are not reported (at least not round here.)

Mind you- a beer buzz is not a wine buzz is not a tequila buzz is not an absinthe buzz. They are all subtly different, which is how absinthe is different: subtly, but, to some at least, palpably.

By Chrysippvs on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 04:12 pm: Edit

95% myth.

By Dehydret on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 03:58 pm: Edit

thanks alot for all the input, really helps a newcomer, ive heard that the secondary effects are just a myth tho,....what are some of your personal opinions on secondary effects.......thanks again for the input

By Bob_Chong on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 09:45 am: Edit

Quote: Why Deva ?, well, its an all time favorite, the "classic" Spanish absinthe

True (but move the quotation marks: it's the classic "Spanish absinthe"). Overall, it's the Budweiser or McDonalds of the Spanish brands. Fairly standard. Not blowing anyone away, not greatly disappointing.

Segarra is the most interesting and perhaps has the most quality in production. I believe that Julian Segarra actually makes the stuff using herbs and alchemy, not just mixing bottled oils, alcohol, and food coloring like all the other Spanish brands.


By Wolfgang on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 09:28 am: Edit

I would try at least a bottle of Deva (50 or 70...even if I think the 70 is slightly better) and another one of your choice to minimize the shipping cost and be able to compare (N.S. would be great).

Why Deva ?, well, its an all time favorite, the "classic" Spanish absinthe... And many people can feel the funny side effect after two or tree glass, witch is not negligible in my humble opinion.

Why N.S. ? Because it's not too sweet so you can have fun doing the sugar ritual with it ;-)... Even if it's not necessary, especially if you have a glass before supper and don't want to feel like you're having your dessert first.

Let us know about your experience.

I raise my glass to the joy of sharing !


By Heiko on Thursday, April 05, 2001 - 01:27 am: Edit

I pretty much agree with everything said - just wanted to add that even I think Deva 70 tastes a bit better than the 50, I would say it's not really worth the difference in price (Deva 50 is 1l, the 70 is just a 0.7l bottle). So if you want to get something for a good price, better take the 50.

Some people also like Serpis pretty much - from the one glass I had I can say it's at least worth a try.

By Melinelly on Wednesday, April 04, 2001 - 09:41 pm: Edit

i'd say the same as Grim, except switch the Deva 50 and the NS, but if you're gonna buy three, you might as well go for four or five to get the most out of your shipping costs from the Corner store.

By Bob_Chong on Wednesday, April 04, 2001 - 09:29 pm: Edit

A bottle of Deva 70 and a bottle of NS will be $72 inclusive.

Shipping costs are minimized at 2 bottles, 4, 5, 7, 10...(i.e., the price jumps are typically at 3 bottles, 6, 8, etc.).

Forget La Bleue. It'll cost you too much. Something much better and cheaper is coming out soon. Why spend $150 on a single bottle of La Bleue? You can get one Segarra, two Devas, one Deva 70, and one NS for $160 total. Is a single bottle of La Bleue better than five bottles of everything else? No. And for someone looking to see what it's all about, you might want to go ahead and try five different kinds anyway.

Good luck.


By Grimbergen on Wednesday, April 04, 2001 - 09:13 pm: Edit

It is pretty much consensus here that Segarra is the best of the spanish brands. I'd go for a bottle of Segarra and a bottle of NS from Spirits Corner. You should check the shipping, it might be worth your while to throw in a 3rd bottle. If so make it Deva 50.

By Dehydret on Wednesday, April 04, 2001 - 08:53 pm: Edit

ok, here we go this is my first post on here, i havent even tasted absinthe yet...i like good liqour tho...congac and so forth... i heard about absinthe from an english magazine i got called "bizzare" it, of course had bad brands listed from eastern europe....but it made me want to learn more so ive been lookin round the net and found this great site....i trust your judgment here and i have a big question for you guys.........i want to order 2 bottles for under 100 dollars shipping included )less the better( my insticts and this forum tell me deva 70 and a bot. of n.s. from spirits corner......how close am i to the mark?...let it fly guys i want to learn.......if possible does anybody know some good cheap REAL la bleue sources?......thanks

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