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By Heiko on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 09:29 pm: Edit

I wonder what the Czech put into their Absinthe to make it so "smashing" - I found Starop. to act like that as well. Maybe it's methanol ;-)
...or the only thing "traditional" is that they still use highly toxic colorants (like in the old days...)

By Absinthesque on Friday, April 06, 2001 - 03:16 pm: Edit

my wife recently returned from prague with a couple of samples of czech absinthe. we will taste and review "havel"(!!) in the next couple of days. meanwhile, i've tasted another of her purchases, a domestic brand. all the writing on the bottle is in czech, but the cap says "original bottling" in english as well as czech. the brand name appears to be "horka lihovina". alcohol content is 70%.

i have some hill's which i've never had the guts to try, so this was my first venture into czech absinthes, and i can only say the stuff lives up to its bad name. the color of this brand is very close to hill's, just a little darker and slightly less bluish. i chilled it for a couple of hours in the freezer before drinking. i took a tiny sip neat, and found the taste harsh and medicinal (in the worst sense of the word), with a very bitter finish. nothing herbal here, and much nastier than my old attempts at homemade by soaking wormwood in pernod, etc. needless to say there was no louche when i added water; the dilution made it a little less nasty, but not much. i tried adding sugar and that did improve matters a bit, bringing out a hint of anise or licorice flavor.

this stuff is good only if you want to get hopelessly smashed. . .i'm feeling the alcohol after only a few sips; after a few glasses, you may not mind the taste so much.

i wonder how the low quality vintage brands compare with the czech. . .it wouldn't surprise me if products such as these helped fuel the moral panic over absinthe. scary stuff. . .maybe i should put the lot up on ebay.


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