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By Chrysippvs on Monday, April 09, 2001 - 09:28 pm: Edit

Just got a sample in from a gracious forum member.

After some curiosity concerning the nature of this "la bleue" I wanted to check it out.

Well, the verdict is in. In my opinion this is the exact same la bleue offered by the absinthe doc and the guys over at isuisse. It is relatively simple, although nicely balanced with anise and star anise la bleue. It is a very generic absinthe. Anyone who had Betina's first source this is the same stuff.

It seems they offer good shipping and are pretty up front. That being said it is a shame to see a valid product in the midst of all that other crap. I think it is around 150 or so, so it is a good alternative for la bleue when the time comes and it is a bit cheaper.

Hope this clears up things...

- J

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