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By Heiko on Tuesday, April 17, 2001 - 08:30 am: Edit

Now, for a more detailed description of what I tasted (although I don't call it a review, it's more or less a first impression).

Three of the Spanish brands are pretty similar in my opinion: Mari Mayans 50, Deva 50 and Serpis have a nice flavor (not too weak, you can add pretty much water without making it taste watery). The MM 50 is weaker on the anise than Deva 50, otherwise I can't make a clear distinction between them. Of these three I like Serpis best, its flavor seems the most complex to me, I think I also taste fennel as well as a citrussy compound - the taste is not concentrated on one certain compound.
All of the three produce a heavy louche, MM 50 being the "greenest" one I have seen yet (artificial of course - anyone could see that at the first glance).

The Herring is weaker in flavor and not to be diluted more than 1:2 or it will get watery. The main compound I taste is something citrussy/lemon - this seems even stronger to me than the anise. The louche is very weak, it looks like diluted lemon juice...
It's not really inferior to the others in my opinion, it just depends on the situation: this one is best as a very refreshing drink for a hot day ;-)

The Segarra was the first of the Spanish Absinthes that I tried which tasted clearly different from what I had expected. It's not too strong in flavor, don't add too much water, something like 1:2 is sufficient. As stated before, it contains a compound which makes it taste less fresh than other spanish brands. It is a kind of "buttery" flavor which then gives way to a taste of wormwood in the background. I wasn't in favor of it at first because I had expected it to taste more fresh, like one of the other spanish anise-absinthes.
The louche is nice, yet yellow and not green (which IMO fits the taste better than if it had this artificial MM green).

What I felt from drinking these different brands wasn't much of a surprise with Deva, MM, Serpis and Herring: I think it was the usual Deva effect of feeling awake yet calmed, a little bit more awake with the Herring - but all this might or might not be the case, I can't tell for sure.

The Segarra was a surprise, which makes me pretty sure I felt a clear absinthe effect from it. Five minutes after I had emptied the glass I suddenly felt so good that I poured another one of it and started cleaning up my room, wondering what I would do next. I really became very active - the slight drunkenness that I had felt before from sampling MM50 and Serpis (with an almost empty stomach) was blown away and I felt so much fun carrying out the garbage etc.
I can remember looking at my watch and being surprised that it was only thirty minutes later when I poured the next glass. I can't remember too much what happened next, only that I suddenly became very tired about another half an hour later.
Then I suddenly woke up because the phone was ringing - I looked at my watch and realized I had been asleep for about one and a half hours, besides me stood a half empty glass of Segarra...

The way I felt somehow reminded me of Artemis' description of the NOLA gathering - a little weird, I wasn't sure anymore about what I had done exactly but I knew that I had drunk too much Segarra in a short time even I had only wanted to taste small samples of all the bottles...

By Heiko on Monday, April 16, 2001 - 07:25 pm: Edit

When I returned home today, a package from SC was lying in front of my door, and it contained some nice bottles: one Segarra, one MM 50, one Serpis, one Deva 50 and one Herring...

I'm not in the mood to write more about it now because I have sampled all of them, including an addictive interlude with 2 glasses of Segarra and some re-sampling of Serpis and MM 50 ("sampling" means 1,5cl, "a glass" means 3cl...)
Also, I had to manage installing windows on another harddrive (because my main HD broke down...) trying to keep all data - that was a tiresome task while tasting all the Absinthes ;-)

I hope I will remember everything tomorrow - as a short impression I can only say:

MM50, Deva 50 and Serpis are the best in taste, Herring tastes different (like lemon-liquor) but still good. Deva 50 tastes much more like Deva 70 than I stated before. Segarra has an interesting "buttery" ("nutritious" was what I thought of) taste - it's not my favorite in taste, but I like it very much because it made me clean up my room in 30 minutes which would have been 3 hours of work had I been sober ;-)

More about that later...

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