Absinthe in London (well, Soho, anyway)

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By Bjacques on Friday, April 20, 2001 - 05:56 am: Edit

Useful if you're in town...

I found two liquor shops that sell absinthe. They're both on Old Compton Street in Soho, some blocks away from the Oxford St. tube station.

Jerry's Liquors, at No. 72, sells La Fee for 35 pounds, 3 less than via e-absinthe.com. Hill's is criminally priced, at 50 (!!) quid. Absinthe King of Liqueurs was also 50. Staroplzenecky is 29, I think. 85% Bulgarian Habsburg goes for 20. I passed since I didn't want to experiment with wormwood, Everclear, and green dye. Jerry's has Sebor and may also have Mari Mayans, but I don't remember for sure.

Vintage Liquors, at No. 42, has a smaller variety, at the same prices.

A few other shops carried Hill's.

The bars that carried absinthe usually had only Hill's. An excellent bar, the ostbloc-y (modernist rectangles, large windows, medium dark wood) Point101, at the Tottenham Court Rd bus station building, carried Mari Mayans, but wanted 6 quid for a shot. I opted for the Staropramen beer on draft instead (yum!). Point101 is a great informal bar that shows old movies on a wall above the door.

Whoever posted elsewhere that Hill's dominates the London market seems to be right, but La Fee is pushing for market share, at least in the shops. The clerk gave me a nifty La Fee absinthe spoon. Gosh-a-rootie!

Still haven't cracked the Segarra barrier, though.

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