Fun stuff from the vodka trade fair in moskow

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By Heiko on Tuesday, April 24, 2001 - 10:09 am: Edit

They also showed the "Red Army" vodka on the fair - in a bottle so big you could kill a whole regiment with it (as you said: black bottle, red cap, bullet-shaped).

By Zack on Monday, April 23, 2001 - 08:13 pm: Edit

"AK-47 Bourbon"
Nah, I'm pretty sure the malt liquor guys will get to AK-47 first ( and of course it will be in a 47oz bottle)...kinda like Colt 45 in the 45oz bottle. Heres some other actual 40 oz malt liquors already available:

Camo (yes, it has a camouflaged label)

And, not particularly violent, but equally stupid:

Midnight Dragon
Phat Boy

By Melinelly on Monday, April 23, 2001 - 07:26 pm: Edit

heh, we've already got Red Army vodka here in the states... comes in a black bottle with red cap, shaped like an armor piercing rifle bullet, with various tacky "revolutionary" slogans all over it =P

By Heiko on Monday, April 23, 2001 - 05:14 pm: Edit

Just saw a short report about the vodka trade fair and laughed my ass off about two things:

1. The new vodka "kalashnikov", also available in a weapon-shaped collector's bottle.
Maybe Roux's next coup to raise vodka consumption in urban ghettos and areas of civil war?
I think Americans should consider to release "AK-47 Bourbon" soon... LOL

2. vodka "no hangover" - distilled with compounds of milk and added milk-sugar to make it hangover free - this could actually work, but the funny side about it was the maker's comment: "it works, it was tested on soldiers, mice and rats"
-- the Russian way to make animal experiments I guess... ROTFL

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