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By Absinthesque on Saturday, April 28, 2001 - 02:50 pm: Edit

Here's that review of manguin i promised.

The packaging is quite appealing, a dark brown 70 cl bottle that might appear at first glance to contain wine, wrapped at the top, with a plastic-topped, cork stopper. The label is inked directly onto the glass - reading "Manguin No Liqueur aux Plantes D'Absinthe".

My translation of the description on the back:

"Absinthe is an aperitif prohibited by decree on March 16, 1915. After that date, the green fairy was plunged into a deep sleep. We wanted to reawaken her in recreating her original flavor, with out utilising an essential oil of the plant that is strictly regulated today -- thujone. Our plant infusions permit you to reacquaint yourself with the favorite drink of the poets without being disturbed. Drink it diluted with 5 or six parts water. It can be consumed as a digestive as well.

Ingredients: Alcohol, water, sugar, plant infusion including absinthe (. . .dont absinthe. . .), distillate.

Seems like a pretty nuanced use of words, with the implication that they've found a way to eliminate thujone but have used absinthium in their manufacture. If anyone with a good command of French is interested, the French text (and their English translation) can be found on their website. .

Now on to the review. The drink is 55 % alcohol, a pale amber green in color, not unlike Absinthe NS but with a little more brown. The nose and neat flavor are quite pastislike and the sweetness is overwhelming. When water is added, the louche is quite thin and more translucent than most. The diluted taste is also very sweet and a lot like pastis, but with a bit more herbal complexity in the finish. All in all, a disappointing drink. . .It might be quite nice if it were not so heavily sweetened.


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