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By Eric on Thursday, May 03, 2001 - 06:52 am: Edit

It was fun having the crew over. next time we need to make sure the ones that did not make it can attend. thanks Jim and Jon for bringing the NS and la blue #2, and also thanks to betina for providing the oxygenee.

By Malhomme on Wednesday, May 02, 2001 - 01:16 pm: Edit

Thanks to Eric I had the opportunity to sample Oxygenee last night. The 700ml bottle is labeled quite attractively (something the makers of Absinthe NS should take note of), having an appearance that strongly evokes the romance of the belle époque café scene. The label makes several remarks about Artemesia absinthium, which I must take as intentionally misleading if it contains no Artemesia absinthium whatsoever. At the margins of the back label there are serving instructions employing the use of the slotted-spoon and a 1-to-5 proportion. The label indicates that the contents are 55% alcohol by volume.

The color in the bottle is peridot, and is indeed quite convincingly natural looking. The smell, when neat, is barely perceptible: alcohol vapor, then a delicate spiciness that reminds me of Creole food (perhaps nutmeg and allspice berries).

Upon adding water the louche is very turbid, but weak. The color of the louche is a light, clear green with a delicate opalescence that reminds me of Montana but with more green than yellow. In my opinion, taking the makers suggestion of adding as much as 5-parts water would produce a very weak drink. A ratio of 1-to-3 is more appropriately suited for this beverage.

Tasting it with sugar, my first reaction is to just how dry this is. I want to pucker a bit it is so dry. There are sweet spices that reminded all of us of pastis; however, these spices did not lend a sweet taste, perhaps because there is not as heavily sugared as Bardouin for example. It tastes somewhat cooked at the back of the palate; I had attributed this to alcohol flavors, but upon reflection think that it is cooked. It is broadly anise, but pleasantly so. There are medicinal mid-range notes, then complex herbal flavors and sweet spices in the finish, however subdued. Itís like an aggressively reigned-in Bardouin.

Despite the many references on the bottle to Artemesia absinthium, I could not detect any Artemesia absinthium in this product whatsoever. It is very tasty, I know, as I drank so much of it last night. But it is subtle. Subtle, subtle, subtle!!! I look forward to a broader distribution as this would be a welcome addition to my collection.

Thanks again to Eric for generously providing us with a bottle and to all of those that were able to attend last nightís soiree.

Jim Trahan

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