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By Heiko on Friday, May 11, 2001 - 12:31 pm: Edit

What I did was:

I mixed 50:50 a glass of Segarra with 1.)Mari Mayans 50, 2.)Deva 50 3.)Serpis

I can only say - every mix was a real surprise!

The color of 1.) and 2.) was wonderful, a golden green, almost looked like a natural colored Absinthe.

I'm not so good in describing specific tastes, and I didn't take notes, but my overall impression was:
1.) Tasted very fresh, really good. It almost covered the Segarra-taste though.
2.) The fennel taste of Deva was definitely there, but it did not cover the Segarra. I could taste wormwood more than in every single of those two.
3.) This was best (not in color, it looked horrible!). Some significant taste in Serpis and some significant taste in Segarra (the "butterscotch") worked together very well, a definite wormwood taste was there as well.

--I just remembered that I had a 4th mix as well: Segarra with Herring, but I can't remember what it tasted like. The only thing I can still clearly see in my memory is that I poured the glass, half Herring, half Segarra. Can't remember drinking it. Or was that just a dream? ...so much about the effect of the mixes...

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