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By WIZ on Saturday, July 29, 2000 - 07:31 pm: Edit

Color reminds me of radiator fluid.


By Billynorm on Saturday, July 29, 2000 - 12:28 am: Edit


If that's Herbert West's re-animator juice, then give me a case of it, a book of verse, & Barbara Crampton singing beside me in the wilderness!

By The Dark One on Friday, July 28, 2000 - 09:12 pm: Edit

Now now how could anyone resist a nice glass of Herbert Wests reanimating juice. Could be just what the doctor ordered LOL

By Nah Poo on Friday, July 28, 2000 - 09:02 pm: Edit


let us not forget the translucent quality of both
Heston's work and the similarity of Fee's louche
to the green that is Soylent Green...

By Artemis on Friday, July 28, 2000 - 02:00 pm: Edit

Ted's right - that louche looks artificial. It's like a supercharged Mari Mayans 70%, and I think we all concede that's artificial. However, not to be anal, the phrase (from Shakespeare) is "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" which makes sense, whereas the foreshortened version you often see (and Ted quoted) makes none.

I'd be very interested to hear Ted's comparison to the Pernod he has, but since Delahaye presumably has also tasted Pernod and/or other antique absinthes, if Ted's comparison is at variance with hers, well, that may merely be a matter of personal preference.

If it's good, I don't care how "authentic", I personally will drink it. I tend to agree with Don as to her allegiance, but financially speaking, it was probably the logical way to go if Hills has made the ton of money Absintheur says they have - they have the clout, the marketing, etc. And now, if the product is what they say it is, they may have a product to redeem whatever mistakes were made with Hills.

By Don Walsh on Friday, July 28, 2000 - 12:43 pm: Edit

Also looks like the juice in "Herbert West - Re-Animator"

By Billynorm on Friday, July 28, 2000 - 10:01 am: Edit

La Fee looks like the "absinthe" drunk in the movie TOTAL ECLIPSE; it looks radioactive, like liquid Kryptonite.

But I am curious, nevertheless...

By Don Walsh on Friday, July 28, 2000 - 03:02 am: Edit

Personally I will always welcome any high quality absinthe that appears on the market. If La Fee is a premium product is will have a market. If it is the usual donkey piss from Radomil, well, sadly it will probably also find a market, just as Hills did. After all it is unabashedly from the same UK importer, although they have fudged their name about a little.

Mme delaHaye wrote a fine book. If she is a good an absinthe maker (even if all she did was cobble up a recipe from published ones) as she is an absinthe writer, this may be a nice absinthe indeed. Can't say till we try it. I am inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt until then.

I do wish she had teamed up with a classier distributor instead of the worst hacks in the business.


By tabreaux on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 06:21 pm: Edit

A few things of interest and questions:

Madame Delahaye, by her own admission (so I am told), does not drink. She is a cellular biologist (not necessarily a chemist). Is she experienced in making good absinthe? Or do the makers just follow one of those recipes as it is written, and offer her a royalty?

I ask because for starters, the color looks a bit something was not performed properly. I'll have to see it to tell for certain. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding, and I am damn curious to taste it. There are no claims as to it being similar to a specific product, and I'd like to see if it tastes like a specific product, or if it is simply lifted from one of those recipes. Many questions remain to be answered, but I'm sure I'll be able to offer quite a bit of insight as soon as I find a way to taste it.

By 21st Century Rimbaud on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 05:32 pm: Edit

Maybe Spirits Corner will carry La Fee Absinthe soon....Federico, are you listening?


By Artemis on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 03:47 pm: Edit

So much for jumping to conclusions about what Delahaye would or would not do.

It sounded plausible from the beginning to me - why would the world's expert on absinthe NOT lend her name to the right product (not just any product, of course)?

This is indeed a fascinating development - now what about that "delivery only to the UK" nonsense?

By Roy on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 03:05 pm: Edit

"a respectable but legal dose" is probably just to try not to get sued. I don't drink absinthe for thujone, I drink absinthe for history, if you want thujone chew some sage, I'm pretty convinced it has no effect. And when it comes to history Delahaye trumps everyone. I haven't tried Ted and Don's stuff, but if it's different than an absinthe that Delahaye made I'm going to be suprised. Ted has two bottles of absinthe, Delahaye has more then 100 in the museum and both of them are chemists. I'll try both of them, but I'll bet you that Delahaye's is going to be more authentic and probably cheaper at like $50, which puts it in the market with spanish Absinthe. I think this is really exciting. Now how do we get it in the US.

By 21st Century Rimbaud on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 02:38 pm: Edit

Hold your horses, everyone! The site( actually states that it contains "a respectable but legal dose" of thujone.So much for "an absolutely historically authentic amount of Artemesia absinthium,"huh?

For a moment I thought it would be something to rival Ted & Don's upcoming product. But, alas, it is not to be...


By JKK on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 12:10 pm: Edit

How do you get this stuff shipped to the States?

By Absintheur on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 08:48 am: Edit

Believe it or not, I got all of that from their mailer, in response to a letter I sent them months ago, not from the website -- though the information is basically the same (more pictures on the site, though).

By Binky on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 08:41 am: Edit

Here's a piccie

La Fée Absinthe

By Absinthedrinker on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 08:32 am: Edit

Ah, I have answered my own question - the Green Bohemia web site tells all...

By Absinthedrinker on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 08:27 am: Edit

Thanks Absintheur, I will be placing an order right away! How did you get to hear aboiut it?


By Absintheur on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 07:38 am: Edit

The reason you didn't see it is twofold, first, it's not called Delahaye Absinthe -- rather "La Fée Absinthe."

Second, it's shipping for the first time as I write this.

The bottle is very nice, Spanish style, labeled with an "All Seeing Eye" between the brand name and the bold FRENCH RECIPE.

The Absinthe in question was formulated by Mme. Delahaye (herself a molecular biologist, for those who haven't read her books), based on four differing historical recipes, in a project that has taken much of the last two years.

The absinthe was produced under Mme. Delahaye's oversight, in the Czech Republic and France, and is being internationally exported by Green Utopia, a subsidiary of Green Bohemia.

We are the reason this absinthe exists.

Given the overwhelming response in this and other forums condemning the array of products that Green Bohemia was offering, they took the staggering profits earned by Hill's sales in the UK and set to developing La Fée Absinthe, intended to be absolutely fastidiously historically accurate. They even correct their prior assertions regarding the Czech Absinthe ritual and recommend consuming this product with an absinthe spoon (some bottles come with an amazing "All Seeing Eye" absinthe spoon) and sugar cube.

La Fée is a verdant green absinthe (naturaly colored) bottled in a 700ml bottle at 68% abv, or 136 proof. The UK price is £32.50, which is staggeringly low given the British tax code on over proof beverages.

Mme. Delahaye claims that it contains an absolutely historically authentic amount of Artemesia absinthium, and is delicately flavored with imported Artemesia pontica. It does louch quite beautifully.

And, presently, that's all the information I've got. It hasn't arrived yet. I look forward to tasting it, personally speaking.

By Absinthedrinker on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 06:19 am: Edit

Well I didn't see any Delahaye branded absinthe on my trip around Soho, but there was plenty of other stuff which made Hills marketing claims look almost honest. How about Cannabis beer, or Agwa 'Coca' liqueuer? The latter having the following in its advertising blurb: £1,000 an ounce, £60 a gram, £26 for 70 cl (God knows how they got it past the advertising Standards Authority).


By Binky on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 01:16 am: Edit

She formulated it herself (and she drinks it!). And it's got nothing do do at all with the Czechs.

By Absinthedrinker on Thursday, July 27, 2000 - 01:15 am: Edit

I'll be going into Soho today. Let me check it out in the local shops.


By tabreaux on Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 03:05 pm: Edit

What a sad travesty.

By Chrysippvs on Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 09:06 am: Edit

I really hope those Czech idiots are not using M-C Delahaye for some absinthe promotion...especially because she never drinks...especially hard drinnks like absinthe.

By Binky on Wednesday, July 26, 2000 - 09:01 am: Edit

Has anyone heard anything about the new Delahaye absinthe that's just been launched in the UK?

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