Absinthe gaining steam.

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By Midas on Monday, August 14, 2000 - 07:37 am: Edit

I know what you mean. Here in Australia, it's not legal to commercially sell, so most people bring it back with them after an overseas holiday. I am the only person in my circle of friends and aquaintainces that directly orders it over the net. After I started regularly drinking absinthe, and people discovered I owned a few bottles, my flatmate and I found that we were deluged with friends wanting to come over for dinner or 'drinks'.
However, it never ceases to surprise me that for a drink once so popular, so many people have all but forgotten about it. Unfortunately, the prohibitionists would be very pleased with themselves. It is for this reason that I tell everyone I know about our favourite little aperitif. Turn on, tune in, and buy sugar cubes that melt.

By Captain Rotundo: Defender of the Faith on Monday, August 14, 2000 - 06:16 am: Edit

Once a while ago I mentioned absinthe at a party and one person had heard of it. She seemed to think it didnt exist anymore and expressed a desire to drink it. I promised I would share the next time I saw her (but have not yet.) Yesturday I was at yet another party, this one not exactly the type I would expect to find absinthe drinkers at. again upon mentioning absinthe two poeple knew what I was talking about, and had drank it recently (some czech brand). all of this in the states where just last year I suspect the greatest exposure most had had to absinthe was in the computer game Phantasmagoria. (not as good as the sequel IMHO)

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