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By Mr. Wormwood on Monday, August 28, 2000 - 05:04 am: Edit

I tested a bunch of absinthes for the forum look up my old thread. I did not test my bottle of 100 year old E. Pernod because it is air oxideized and the number is going to be off any way.

No one sent me any other samples of old absinthe so they were not tested.

By JKK on Sunday, August 27, 2000 - 11:18 am: Edit

Thanks. Staying tuned.

By Tabreaux on Friday, August 25, 2000 - 06:27 pm: Edit

I am working on making standards for the upcoming rounds of analyticals so I can answer that question accurately and indisputably. Nothing has been forgotten or overlooked. Just stay tuned.

By JKK on Friday, August 25, 2000 - 11:08 am: Edit

Yes, this has been talked to death, and no one has given us an answer. Why? How much thujone was in vintage Pernod? Ted has the samples, why have we been waiting months--or is it a year?--for the answer? Also how much is in the absinthe Don will soon be marketing?

By Don Walsh on Friday, August 25, 2000 - 08:50 am: Edit

Dear Midas

Good on you, mate!

By Midas on Friday, August 25, 2000 - 08:18 am: Edit

Be assured that if by some chance I did come across any reliable info on this subject, I would post it here immediately, with all relevant references. Unfortunately, that is not the case. C'est la vie. Don't worry, no offence taken, nor intended.

By Don Walsh on Friday, August 25, 2000 - 12:46 am: Edit

Midas, you are welcome to any 'position' on the Forum. I have enough on my plate. Don't be thin skinned. I wasn't bashing you, I just wanted to know if you had any new information. You have made it clear that wasn't the case. End of story.

Let me say again: paying too much attention to thujone is a lot like guys at a NORML meeting paying attention to REEFER MADNESS. It just means that the old propaganda mills a century ago are still remarkably effective.

Thujone was a chemical whipping-boy, nothing more. A scapegoat.

By Midas on Thursday, August 24, 2000 - 11:10 pm: Edit

Don, no I don't have any 'hard proof' of the thujone content of antique absinthe. And for that matter, I don't really give a shit. I was only replying to michel kerlings question with what I have read (and if that is regurgitating old non-factoids, so be it). I never said that I was stating a concrete fact. I don't claim to have any expert knowledge. I was just trying to say that old absinthe was PROBABLY higher in thujone content than modern absinthe. Calm down, Don, I'm not trying to usurp your position as L.F.V's absinthe encyclopaedia.

By Don Walsh on Thursday, August 24, 2000 - 05:51 pm: Edit

What Don Was Saying was: Midas, where did you get your number of 30 mg/Kg?

Once upon a time that was the conventional wisdom, but now things are in some confusion.

It's better not to just regurgitate old non-factoids from other people. Preferable to have hard data. Got any? We are all ears.

By Tabreaux on Thursday, August 24, 2000 - 01:46 pm: Edit

I think what Don was trying to illustrate is the fact that there is no concrete answer to the original question at this point, and it probably doesn't matter as much as one might think.

By lurker on Thursday, August 24, 2000 - 12:01 pm: Edit


By Don Walsh on Thursday, August 24, 2000 - 10:26 am: Edit

Dear Midas

Numbers have been kicked around from 30 mg to 160-200 mg/Kg. Proposing a number without evidence is just like buying a lotto ticket. You say 30 mg/Kg. Tell me why. Tell me how you measure this and how you differentiate between thujone and thujyl alcohols. Even the official government procedures are subject to wide variations and errors. One well known modern brand was tested by UK and blacklisted for being 25 mg/Kg by their tests. This was protested and the retest showed less than 10 mg/Kg. That's a huge discrepency of >250%.

Anyway there is a lot of thujone around in foodstuffs. Often is significant amounts. No one appears to be suffering any harm. No one appears to be suffering any harm from the uninterrupted Spanish and Portugese consumption for the last century or so. No one appears to be suffering from La Bleue in Switzerland.

It's all an old bluff by the prohibitionists and the vintners.

By Midas on Thursday, August 24, 2000 - 10:04 am: Edit

I believe vintage Absinthe Pernod was 30mg/1l. as for many of the others, who can say. My guess is that they were mainly around that concentration. Significantly higher than most modern absinthes, la Bleue being the exception.
And why are you shouting?

By Tabreaux on Thursday, August 24, 2000 - 08:22 am: Edit

What is dangerous for humans is far in excess of what thujone you might find in current absinthe or old absinthe. In other words, old absinthe, new absinthe, none of it will poison you with thujone.

By Don Walsh on Thursday, August 24, 2000 - 05:19 am: Edit

This has been talked to death many times already. Read the old threads. Read the FAQ.

By michel kerling on Thursday, August 24, 2000 - 04:14 am: Edit

AND NOW IN 2000 ???

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