We gotta get out of this "place"/What attracted you to absinthe?

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By peter marc on Monday, September 18, 2000 - 02:56 pm: Edit

i don't think he needs to smash any more.
i have only seen one fountain for sale, a
absinthe terminus with the etched glass and
raised metal name on the stand...no top, no
spigots (it had four)$2500 (20,000ff)..i have no idea what it should go for, but it seemed a little
steep (neat etched glass, though...)

By Chrysippvs on Monday, September 18, 2000 - 01:15 pm: Edit

Beleive it or not that still happens. French authorities are to confiscate and destory any absinthe..even stuff that is vintage..in other words confiscated absinthe is sold on auction across the border by French cops..

I have ever heard rumors of a French collector that wil buy fountains and smash them to inflate value...just a rumor but if I ever caught him doing that....

By peter marc on Monday, September 18, 2000 - 01:02 pm: Edit

not so odd, i imagine. they seem to be only good
for dripping water into a glass as you would have to plug the all-be-it little hole in order to use it as an ashtray or a dessert dish. yes, absinthe
spoons and individual fountains aren't good for much else, either, but they're made of metal. (i did talk to someone who thought the spoons were for cutting little cakes or cheese)i was told that the french authorities smashed everything
they could find that was related to absinthe after
the ban(like the prohibition raids) and i suppose these were a good candidate. actually i imagine that most of them were broken during use as they could easily slide off the glass...

By Anatomist1 on Sunday, September 17, 2000 - 09:01 pm: Edit

peter marc,

If you already have a conventional camera, consider buying a scanner for around $100. You still have to buy film and get it developed, but virtually any film camera whups the ass of any digital camera normal mortals can afford in terms of picture quality. And, you'll only have to pay one C to get us the pics...


By Bob Chong on Sunday, September 17, 2000 - 05:32 pm: Edit

Thanks, Peter. Of all the bits and pieces of history, glassware, etc. that can be found online, this item is oddly absent...until now (or very soon). I appreciate the offer to share some pix on this forum!


By peter marc on Sunday, September 17, 2000 - 05:09 pm: Edit

bob chong...i have a glass "verse eau uni"
the "fountain" which sits on top of the glass. it is not specifically for a certain glass and
fits beautifully on top of a plain resevoir glass. it is a little wobbley on other glasses. it takes forever if you use just ice in it, i
have tried it pouring water and it makes a
nice stream, but fast. i was told that you
put a spoon on top of it, but that doesn't seem
to make sense. if you set a sugar cube inside
over the hole, it works quite well without the
spoon. i have only seen one in paris (which i bought, stupidly expensive with a glass that was 20 years or so younger, but the guy said it was a set, so i had to.) there is a picture of one on the bistrophile site (but not very clear) and in
the copies of the glassworks catalogs on the frenchman site. i will post a picture as soon as i get a digital camera...

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