Buying Absinto in Portugal?

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By Don Walsh on Tuesday, August 29, 2000 - 02:36 am: Edit

Bob, Turkey is a country that prides itself on its liberalism and modernity, and is making every effort to resist the influence of radical Islam. The government is secularist. Alcohol is permitted and available. The Turkish variety of anisette or arak, called raki, is well worth getting a bottle -- for your collection if nothing else.

Various travel information sources can tell you specifically what the duty free liquor allowance is in Turkey.

If you do discover there is a problem pls let us all know.

BTW Justin is right, Portugeuse absinthe is pretty lousy stuff. If you want it to drink, better get something else. Any of the Spanish (esp Deva) or La Bleue are your best bets at the moment. Maybe La Fee. If you want it to collect, no harm done! Knock yourself out.

By Chrysippvs on Monday, August 28, 2000 - 11:51 am: Edit

Absinthe from Portugal is as bad as the absinthe from Prague. I would just get a variety of Neto Costo and Farao and keep them for collection sake...they are not worth drinking.


By Bob Chong on Monday, August 28, 2000 - 10:27 am: Edit

My folks will be in Lisbon in a couple of weeks (going on a cruise that departs from there).

IF they will be willing to bring me back a bottle, able to fit it into their luggage, etc., what brand would anyone recommend I ask for? (Yes, I have already seen/read the guide.) Will it be hard to find (my folks are senior citizens)? I know liquor stores don't always appear on every corner, depending on where you are (e.g., compare the South Side of Chicago with Alexander City, AL), so I am not willing to ask them anything that would be a hassle.

Also, the cruise ends in Turkey, and from there they will fly to the UK before going back to the states. Would they experience some kind of hassle in Turkey?

Sorry for the confusing post. After writing all of this, it is starting to look like asking a couple of elderly people to bring some booze across several borders is ludicrous. Any thoughts?


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