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By Absintheur on Thursday, June 29, 2000 - 04:31 pm: Edit

After nearly a year of waiting La Bodega Alcalde has updated their website to facilitate international sales. It's presently very buggy, and a little difficult to navigate, but it's there, which is a great improvement over their old dead-site.

La Bodega Alcalde has a long standing relationship with the Julian Segarra Distilery, and is one of the only locations in Spain where Absenta Segarra can be acquired.

The new website is at:

And, in order to save everyone the complicated search, the Absenta Segarra page is at:

The online ordering link is presently unconnected, so I haven't yet gotten a clear notion of what Juan-Bautista is intending to charge for shipping, but the bottle will run you $28.20 before shipping is factored in.

My prior experience with La Bodega Alcalde has been very good (if a tad slow) -- they even ship their bottles in solid-wood boxes to avoid breakage.

Hopefully, they'll work the bugs out of the new site quickly.

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