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By Admin on Monday, July 30, 2001 - 01:19 pm: Edit

The error that Leela noticed is what happens when either the topics page gets corrupted, or one of the subject indexes gets corrupted, which does happen every so often. The fix requires me, well, fixing it. So it can last from a few minutes to over a day, until I notice it is broken.

By Head_Prosthesis on Monday, July 30, 2001 - 06:33 am: Edit

This is the old forum. You can't edit here...
You can't edit here... you can't edit here...

By Head_Prosthesis on Monday, July 30, 2001 - 06:30 am: Edit

Chonger, If we put our heads together it'd be...


By Heiko on Monday, July 30, 2001 - 12:19 am: Edit

Wouldn't that be
"HEADER" ???? hehehe

Most 'computer bugs' are actually failures of the user (please don't take it personally, Leela - happens to everybody). F.e. when something goes wrong with Word, I'm always 99% sure there's nothing wrong with the program, only I am not able to figure out how the programmers thought I should think...

"It looks like you're writing a letter..." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

By Bob_Chong on Sunday, July 29, 2001 - 11:31 pm: Edit


By Head_Prosthesis on Sunday, July 29, 2001 - 08:07 pm: Edit

you see? you see?

By Leela on Sunday, July 29, 2001 - 07:13 pm: Edit

Woah, I take that back...I just tried it again and it worked! Yay!


By Leela on Sunday, July 29, 2001 - 09:00 am: Edit

Well, as long as we're talking about bizzare bugs.... I have the Absinthe Forum/Messages from the Last Day only link bookmarked. For the past couple of days when I've clicked on it I've been told there are no new messages in the past 24 hours. But if I go right into the Forum itself, there are plenty of new messages.


By Heiko on Friday, July 27, 2001 - 04:36 am: Edit

In short: Some posts that are written on this board never get sent as an email, even the system is supposed to send all of them.

Nevermind...doesn't matter...

I'm used to being around people who fill a whole evening with discussing mysterious computer bugs. Sometimes I forget that most other people are bored to death with that...

By Head_Prosthesis on Thursday, July 26, 2001 - 09:52 pm: Edit

What are you talking about?

By Heiko on Wednesday, July 25, 2001 - 08:30 am: Edit

...the example was wrong, I overlooked it...

but you know what I mean, and it happens from time to time.
Not that I care about it too much, I was only wondering how those posts disappear - it really must be spontaneous, chaotic losses, as far as I can tell :-)

By Heiko on Wednesday, July 25, 2001 - 08:26 am: Edit

I guess nobody cares about that one because nobody is as crazy as I am to receive all forum-posts as an email...
I checked that I want to receive ALL posts as emails (not my own posts, I'm not totally insane...) but the software, using methods of chaos theory I suspect, filters out some posts which I never receive.
(f.e. I got Ted's reply to the German fellows question but I never got the question itself)

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