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By Bob Chong on Wednesday, September 27, 2000 - 09:22 pm: Edit

I have finally tried the Segarra. My only prior exposure to absinthe has been Deva and Lasala, and I'd have to say that Segarra is a pleasant change of pace. It's not as overpoweringly anise flavored as Deva, and it doesn't have the citrusy hints of Lasala. It is smooth and nicely balanced, overall. I wish I had a more educated palate and could explain further. IMO, the differences between Segarra and the two other Spanish brands named above are very subtle.


By Perruche_verte on Sunday, September 24, 2000 - 11:46 pm: Edit

Thanks for your story. I like buying things from countries other than my own. I consider the "hassles" a welcome part of the experience -- it's cross-cultural communication as well as commerce -- and it's good to know that LBdA will ship Segarra. Their website gave me the impression that it wasn't available.

Do they have a fax number? Faxing credit card info would be more secure than unencrypted email.

Get well soon and tell us how you like Segarra.

By Bob Chong on Sunday, September 24, 2000 - 10:44 pm: Edit

I just received three bottles of Segarra from La Bodega del Alcalde yesterday and wanted to relate the buying experience for those who have not ordered from them.

It took a long time for them to reply to my intial emails to them (since their website isn't really functional for ordering)--perhaps a couple weeks. I can't really be sure on how long, exactly, because I sent them an email every so often until they finally responded on 9/13 (and they didn't include my original mssg in the reply). Let me state that I don't speak any Spanish, and their English was fairly decent (easy enough to figure out). Anyway, they suggested that I buy three bottles to minimize shipping costs. I agreed and they asked for my cc #, which I emailed to them. Minor leap of faith involved, sending financial info. unencrypted. This was on 9/15.

Then I never heard from them, so I sent them an email on 9/21 asking if they got my cc# and all that. They said yes and the stuff had been shipped already. Two days later, a nice package from them arrived, three bottles in a solid-wood box (as Absintheur described months ago)--a wooden carrying case with a rope handle and one side that slides up to reveal the goods. They also sent me two letters with it, separately, which contained my cc slips--one for the Segarra and one for the postage.

All told, the order was $135. $31/ea. for the Segarra and $42 for postage. No handling fees, either, which is always a nice surprise (rolled into the retail price up front, I presume).

Unfortunately, I have the flu right now and am unable to sample the goods. I have a milestone birthday this week, but I also have oral qualifying exams the day after that. So it looks like it'll be at least a few more days till I try the stuff.

Sorry for the long, mundane post, but I hope it is helpful to anyone looking to buy from this particular vendor. It takes some patience, and they aren't huge in the customer service arena (though they are quite friendly), but if you want to get some Segarra at a reasonable price ($45/btl incl. shipping), it's worth the minor hassles.


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