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By JoergGrohne on Thursday, June 22, 2000 - 02:47 pm: Edit

Steeped absinth works. It depends on what you expect ;-)

If you want to measure the incrediences and compare them to "original ancient" absinth, you'll have a problem.

If you want a pleasant drink which could be drunk like "ancient absinth" with an absinth spoon, sugar and water, you'll accieve a good result with steeped absinth.

O.K., it took me a long time and some money to find out a good reciepe, but it works. Try my latest combination:

9 "stars" of star anise
4 tsp of anise seeds
2 tsp of wormwood
10 pods of cardamom
8 pieces of dried lemon grass
1 tsp of dried majoran
1 tsp of dried rosemary
1 tsp of grinded koriander
3 tsp of grinded fennel
2 tsp of dried peppermint tea

grind all with a coffee mill, add 300 ml of strong alcohol, i used german "Melissengeist", a medicine with 75 % alcohol and it includes distilled Fol. Melissae, Rad. Angelicae, Fruct. Anisi, Fruct. Coriandri, Fol. Eucalypti, Cort. Cimmaromi, Sem. Myristicae. Things which may be included in ancient absinth ;-)

Put it in a warm place for 2-3 days, in the summer put it in the sun covered with a dark colored towel.

Then addd 450 ml of vodka and let it stay for another 4-5 days in a warm place.

Filter well 2 or 3 times, fill it in a bottle and let it rest in a dark, not to hot place for AT LEAST 4-12 weeks. This is important, if you drink it too young, it tastes terrible.

If you want green color, add a LITTLE bit of green food color. If you use too much, the color won't change if you dillute it with water.

Put 2-4 cl into a pernod glass (or a long drink glass), place a piece of sugar on an absinthe spoon or a tea strainer and drop carefully water over the sugar cube until it is gone. Then add a piece of ice.

If you poor the water over the sugar, you'll see that the anise changes the color of the drink from brown (or green, if you added color) to milky white.

It has a good herbal bitter taste, it is refreshing like drinking Pernod in France the french way (not with Coke, with a lot of ice and water).

So, this steeped absinth gives a pleasant drink, what do you want more? Compare it with czech absinth, my personal opinion is, my tastes much better.

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