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By Chrysippvs on Friday, October 13, 2000 - 04:39 pm: Edit

I have had is a nice pastis. Lots better than Pernod and Ricard...I can't wait till we get Versinthe here...any word on that Absintheur?

By Melinelly on Friday, October 13, 2000 - 04:29 pm: Edit

hey all,

i work in what can only be described as a giant liquor store (about the size of a supermarket but all we sell are drinks and some snacks)... before i found this site and did some research on absinthe, i had seen absente at work, got excited, and bought a bottle only to find out it's a jip. after lurking on the boards and browsing sites, i've since bought the occaisional bottle from spiritscorner (i'd love to get my hands on some la fee or la bleue sometime, but my finances have me cornered in the spanish market for now =)), and enjoy a pilsner glass of milky green-white every now and again.

recently, i noticed another product we carry called "La Muse Verte." imported from France. not a word in english anywhere. it comes in a box with a window so you can see the product inside. the box has a lot of writing in french some of which i can make out to be some historical context on absinthe and also directions for the sugar/spoon ritual. the bottle comes wrapped in brown paper with a label glued to it depicting a robe-clad woman admiring a glass of the green, with "La Muse Verte" and smoky tendrils wafting about her. also included in the package is an absinthe spoon tied around the neck of the bottle. it goes for about $35 and i think it's a 500mL bottle.

note: this is a pastis. it says so. but i'm wondering if anyone here has tried it before and whther or not it may compare to vintage absinthe moreso than any modern pastis or absinthe? the packaging would certainly have us believe so... and a much better job of presentation than absente i might add.



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