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By Chrysippvs on Wednesday, May 24, 2000 - 08:02 am: Edit

As some of you know already I am buying the entire inventory from La Vannoir and I have gotten a large chunk of it in. Some great antique items including glasses, spoons, carafes, topettes, and some other items that along with fine Spainish Absinthe would make a great set. Just let me know what you think....

Check it out here-



By moebandy ( - on Wednesday, May 24, 2000 - 10:07 am: Edit

hmmm, that's a cute story and all, but when one
attempts connection with the sales end of the
above mentioned site, one is told the address does
not exist. You can see all the bottles in pretty
photos, but if you can't take the hooch home, what
good are some elegant spoons???

By Chrysippvs on Wednesday, May 24, 2000 - 10:40 am: Edit

I just look at all the links and they all seem up to me. Which sectiom are you talking about exactly?

Try this address is you are having problems and if so report them to may want to refresh your browser...

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