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By Emgaon on Monday, June 19, 2000 - 03:12 pm: Edit

After getting in my sample of Belle Epoch Importers La Bleue and having tried the La Bleue from Betina I can say with some assurance that Betina's La Bleue is nice but way to overpriced and just as good as the Bleue of Belle Epoch. The affects of BE's bleue are more pronounced and longer lasting, although it is slightly more bitter, but I personally like my absinthe bitter and unsweetened. I am not sure the thujone amounts but I am sure they are rather high. After 3 glasses I was very present and colors were very very vibrant, very similar to Betina's altough her's wore off about 30min sooner. Both bottles are around half empty and I am going to test them again to make sure. All in all my opinion is that Belle Epoch's absinthe is better in affect, tastes (if you like slightly more bitter absinthe), and much better in price.

Drink well guy


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