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By Grizlupo on Friday, June 16, 2000 - 08:26 pm: Edit

hippy, this can't be you; perhaps your less-evil twin ;-)

Seriously, thanks for the reasoned perspective. I hope that this forum will continue to educate, enlighten and inform fellow-travellers and new initiates into a seriously misunderstand passion. (Why should Wine, Scotch and Beer lovers have all the fun?). This is not a "Classifieds" section of the Web; although I reserve the right to express my personal opinions with regards to brands, etc...

I agree, let us all damp down the flames. We are here because of a common love; not a common enemy.

Enjoy the weekend, all.



By hippy on Friday, June 16, 2000 - 06:55 pm: Edit

The Holy Grail has always been elusive, unobtainable, that's it's appeal. Considering most of us will never have the opportunity to
drink a Pernod Fils circa 1895-1905, we will have to make do with the best absinthe currently available. For me, that is La Bleue. I have not tasted Justin's product, but I have tried two different batches of Betty's La Bleue and loved both of them.

So are we now trying to douse the "flames" by having a pissing contest?

Whoever gets authentic La Bleue into this country and into our hands, whether it be Betty
or Justin, is doing absinthe drinkers a service.
If the prices are too high for some folks, buy Herbsaint (suddenly a real option).
As long as we are being given honest and reliable information about the products, Bettina and Belle Epoch have my best wishes.

Both Betty and Justin are passionate about their products. Betty, in her enthusiasm,
may be using too much poetic license in calling
her product "The Holy Grail of absinthes". Justin, young absintheur that he is, tends too get a little excitable and blurts out stuff without thinking. The bottom line is they are fans of the The Green Fairy first, and business people second. I don't think it is money hunger that drives their businesses, I think it is a passion for absinthe that moves them.

So, what do you all think of the new improved, mellower hippy?

Getting dusted by kallisti has improved my outlook on things.

By grizlupo on Friday, June 16, 2000 - 05:49 pm: Edit


If you have the ability to buy La Bleue's at whim
in Neuchatel for 50 chfr, you have my envy. Of course, your experience in this regard is an asset to this forum.

Neverthless, this is not true for most of us (me, anyhow). I suspect that Betina's La Bleue Is the Holy Grail for the vast majority of us. (I cannot judge Justin's, either good or bad). In all candor, whether or not it accurately reproduces the original Swiss, it is a true pleasure to sip. For me, this is what is most important.

Still, I appreciate your insight and experience and encourage your postings; especially as to those La Bleue's other products simply not available to the rest of us.



By B.M.Don on Thursday, June 15, 2000 - 09:25 pm: Edit

Dear Bettina

Sorry, but La Bleue is not the Holy Grail of absinthes. Not yours, not the stuff I buy in Neuchatel for 50 chfr, not what Justin may or may not sell.

That is not to say that La Bleue is n't a good, maybe a great absinthe -- maybe because it is somewhat variable from one maker to another.

However it is NOT a very authentic absinthe compared to absinthes such as Pernod Fils circa 1895-1905. It is simpler absinthe without many of the subtleties of the old stuff.

I was singing the praises of La Bleue on this Forum before you started selling La Bleue. And for your information I do not sell nor have I ever sold La Bleue.


Big Mango Don
Bangkok, Thailand

By Chrysippvs on Monday, June 12, 2000 - 07:35 pm: Edit

Last respose to such accusations:

This is the complete rundown of this whole La Bleue situation. About 2 weeks ago I got an E-mail from a friend in France telling me he knew someone what would be willing to send absinthe across border to America. After some rigorous E-mail conversation using altavista translator we came to an agreement of around 90 ( which has since then been lowered) bottles. I western-unioned him the money and send send them right along. He told me that he had tested his product in a lab in Auvers France in the mid 80's by a chemist friend of his and determined that the recipie that he had produced absinthe at around 60mg thujone and 60% alcohol. I bought the first 7 bottle on a whim not even sampling it as he was going to send all of it to a friend of his in Cordova Spain. I posted all this the day he sent out the bottles on Wed of last week to make reservations so I could estimate the need to get the next shipment.

After posting this I am baraged with claims that I am lying about the content of this absinthe and I should be doubted due to some E-bay things. I am sorry if people are cynical of the numbers or of my "cut throat" reputation, although I have sold many items including Spainish absinthe for some time from my website and have never had a complaint. I offered the gentleman a free sample as I simply wanted to give him the chance to compare the two, he agreed. He told me he was interested and agreed to speak later. The thujone I mentioned as 90 was something that I have heard is being produced in Switzerland and in France called La Blanc...I was originally going to call the new absinthe La Blanc but I changed it due to the fact that there are many fake bootlegged absinthe that are little more than Pastis blanc or Pernod Blanc. I have free samples due to the fact that I did open a bottle to taste it myself and share it with friends.

It cannot be asserted that the La Bleue of Betina is the sole representitive of bootlegged absinthe from Switzerland and/or France. I am told by reliable sources that there are over 120 distillers in the Jura alone all producing a varity of absinthes. This is just one and so is Betty and the stuff that Conrad had in the Val-Du-Travers.

I feel that I have integrity, and my customers can attest to this. I have not cheated anyone, rather had a very rare and limited oppurtunity and took it, nothing more. I have not lied about the contents of the absinthe which I am selling. I hope my La Bleue is liked by those who purchased it and I can assure them that it is of the highest quality. I hope those devoted to the furtherment of absinthe will understand.

Take care


By betty wittels on Monday, June 12, 2000 - 05:47 pm: Edit

I am Betina. I have never posted on this forum. I
have purposefully not, as I see it as a spider's
web in which I do not want to be tangled. But now
I see I must. I am furious and disappointed at the
lack of ethics, deception, and untruth that exist
at this moment..
Justin, of Belle Epoch, befriended me about 1
month ago. Prior I had no contact with him. I
agreed to help him with spoon and glass referrals
and he asked if he could put my Swiss onto his
site. That, obviously, has not occurred. (And now
I do not want anything to do with him). A week or
so later he then tells me he found a French
absinthe called La Blanc and that it has 90
mg./kg. A week later he changed the number to 60.
He proceeded to tell me it was more thujone than
Mine which made no sense: My regular customers
know I have been waiting for four months to obtain
the thujone test results of both my La Bleues.

The last straw was yesterday when a regular
customer who had posted was e-mailed by Justin
asking him if he would like a free sample. He was
appalled and e-mailed me immediately. Does Justin
have to lure, cajole, bribe and fabricate
statistics to sell his wares?

My two Swiss La Bleues are exquisite in taste and
effect..the taste is smooth as silk. I am
expensive but worth every gold piece. Nobody knows
the bribes, Fedex, long distance phone calls,
packing costs, etc..that I experience in order to
maintain this endeavor. I am known for my packing,
my lightning speed communication and my honesty.
This is not my main profession and I decided long
ago if I was to do this I would be a professional
as in my other work.

Every one of my regular customers reveres the La
Bleue and highly values the Spanish. More than
anything they respect me..service and integrity is
everything. I have nothing to hide. If there is
another new and fine absinthe that is great. My La
Bleue from Switzerland is in a class by itself.
But do not insult its rarity or quality by
attempting to compare it to anything else. Just
like the Spanish which is a whole different other
class of absinthe.

I have no free samples..I am constantly
back-ordered. I am not regular
customers may find some French sugar or other gift
in the box. But nobody ever balks at the price
after they have tasted this Holy Grail of
absinthe. I stand alone as I have for four years
in this endeavor

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