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By Chrysippvs on Wednesday, June 07, 2000 - 11:57 am: Edit

Dear All,

I am proud to announce that Belle Epoch Importers is now carrying La Bleue, made in the Jura mountains and only availible from BEI. Originally called La Blanc or Un midi moins dix (a ten to noon), the name was changed to prevent confusion between it and other clear Pastis such as Pernod Blanc or Pastis 51 (which is also called La Blanc) This absinthe boasts approximatly 60% and around 60mg of Thujone...although these values should be close, I would not take them as Gospel untill they are tested in a lab. The price per bottle, $150 USD a liter. They are currently not in stock although I am expecting them mid-next week.

Check out the site at:

If you have any questions drop me an E-mail.


Justin S.

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