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By Big mango Don on Monday, June 05, 2000 - 10:57 am: Edit

I have purchased La Bleue in and from Switzerland, but always through trusted Swiss friends only.

Many foreigners have been ripped off by trying to buy La Bleue from strangers, who just rebottle Pernod Blanc or other anisettes in the same sort of used 1 liter wine bottles the La Bleue bootleggers use.

If the festival is in Neuchatel -- you are probably relatively safe from the Swiss police, as the local police are cool.

Still, this seems like a rather odd sort of open flaunting of the Swiss law even for Neuchatel.

As for pre-ban (pre 1910) Swiss absinthe, caveat emptor!

The going rate for La Bleue is $30 US (50 CHF -- that is, Swiss francs) per liter. Of course La Bleue is highly variable in quality depending on source and not even taking into account the possibility of deception. That is because there is NO single source.

ALL La Bleue is produced as far as I know with Swiss Alcohol Commission grain alcohol as starting material, which ought to give you some idea of what the wink-and-nudge game the Swiss authorities play, is like. Still, people DO get busted, especially in cantons other than Neuchatel.

By dean on Sunday, June 04, 2000 - 04:27 pm: Edit

I will be going to the Swiss absinthe festival in a few weeks.

Absinthe is illegal there, but is it tolerated?

How tough the Swiss are about buying absinthe (can I get into real trouble)? I ask because if they really want to bust abintheurs, the festival seem like a good place for agents.

Lastly, if someone has pre-ban absinthe to sell at the festival, what is the "market price"?

Are there any attempts to pass off modern absinthe as "pre-ban" absinthe?

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