Wheres' the absinthe Art?

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By the Nephilim on Thursday, July 06, 2000 - 01:05 pm: Edit

Why Artemis I'm touched!

By Artemis on Sunday, July 02, 2000 - 08:39 am: Edit

Response to Apollo's question:

"Does anyone know of any real masterly modern works of Art or Poetry, or even Music, being created concerning/involving/or inspired by this absinthe renaissance?"

No I don't. But the definitive work about absinthe is Aleister Crowley's piece, written in New Orleans, and it's not really even about absinthe, or more like, it's about life, and therefore about absinthe. Or something. A humble effort, recently penned by yours truly, with eternal gratitude to, well, he knows who he is:

Legs numb as stumps
Heart consumed by green fire
Essence of Nephilim

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