So, who are you voting for?

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By Black_rabbit on Wednesday, November 08, 2000 - 06:00 am: Edit

Texas is definitely a different place when it comes to execution.

The defendants lawyer fell asleep during the trial. That was OK with the judge, who said 'no, you can't have a new trial.' They're a gonna kill the scallywag.

By Malhomme on Tuesday, November 07, 2000 - 06:03 pm: Edit

Pardon any perceived hyperbole…

As a citizen of Austin, Texas and a whitewater kayaker I have been acutely aware of Bush's environmental policies.

Within the city limits is a pristine, spring-fed, whitewater creek that shelters an endangered species. This area is also an aquifer recharge zone, from which most of Central Texas gets it’s subterranean water.

Absolutely any opportunity to skirt the law in order to build golf courses and business parks in this environmentally sensitive area has been seized by our Governor. His environmental policy leads me to think that one could squat over his daughter’s face and groan, if only you paid him enough.

Further more, he is a murderer. Our state and our Governor murders not just for crimes against men, but also for their race, and their class. Dubya hides behind the law, that he's merely carrying-out the will of the people, however he does nothing at all to investigate the gross injustices in Texas’ capital punishment process. More people, albeit prisoners, are executed at his hands in Huntsville, Texas than are executed in any other civilized country in the world. One hundred years from now, this will surely be as reprehensible to our descendants as slavery is to us now.

A vote for Bush is a vote backwards. November 7th, 2000 will be remembered as the year America’s great paint-chip eating demographic came-out to vote.

By Anatomist1 on Tuesday, November 07, 2000 - 11:54 am: Edit

What's going on with this archive dualism thing? It's freakin' me out, man!


The problem with that is that it rests on 2 problematic assumptions:

A) Either candidate actually intends to enact the plans they have proposed.

B) Even if 'A' is true, either candidate, if elected, will actually have the power to enact the plans they have proposed.

Both fellows are so steeped in propaganda, spin, and image presentation that to call them dishonest is either a compliment, or irrelevant... there goes 'A'. Also, Presidents make suggestions about laws, they don't write them. Any budget proposed by either candidate will be unrecognizeable by the time it becomes law... there goes 'B'.


By _blackjack_ on Tuesday, November 07, 2000 - 07:11 am: Edit

Oddly, Bob, some of us are perfectly happy to pay taxes. What I found more elucidating at was to plug in salaries much lower and much higher than mine.

I voted Nader, not because I agree with him any more than GoreBush, but because Bush is going to win VA no matter what I do. I almost wrote in Jon Hegalin, but I decided that I'd rather my protest vote show up on radar.

By Pataphysician on Tuesday, November 07, 2000 - 06:51 am: Edit


I don't have to go there to figure out what principle guided your vote. Like that other Republican once said: "Follow the money", eh, Bob?

By Bob_chong on Tuesday, November 07, 2000 - 04:54 am: Edit

The site Ted posted clinched it for me. My vote is easy to figure out if you've been there.


By Marc on Tuesday, November 07, 2000 - 01:00 am: Edit

I'm voting for Nader. I live in New York. Gore's got New York locked up. If I thought my Nader vote would help put Bush in office then I'd vote Gore.

By Billynorm on Tuesday, November 07, 2000 - 12:28 am: Edit

"The problem with voting for the lesser of two evils is that you end up voting for the evil of two lessers."

I don't know who said that originally, but I felt it was worth repeating.

I'm voting for Nader.

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