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By Artemis on Sunday, October 08, 2000 - 06:31 am: Edit

"ok, artemis, we'll see how this goes over.
i did not mean to imply that you are ignorant"

I didn't take it that way. It was an honest statement on my part. I AM ignorant of wine. I simply have taken no trouble to educate myself about it.

My mother had a wine book that I read when I was a boy. Of all the wines in there, I was most intrigued with the description of Retsina. Go figure.

You are correct in that I prefer sweeter flavors, although there are dry meads. Can you be more specific about the Hungarian wines?

I don't have to worry about assholes with wine lists, because I never order wine in restaurants. The problem is more like, I enter the wine section of a store that has a wide selection, and walk away empty handed because I don't know enough to make an informed decision. When I take a chance, I get burned with something very dry, tannic, nasty aftertaste, etc.

As to food, there is almost no cuisine I don't like, but Louisiana cooking is the feast of the Gods (I am a Cajun after all), and Chinese, particularly Szechuan and Hunan, a close second. You will probably gather from that, that I favor spicy food, and again you would be correct.

By Petermarc on Saturday, October 07, 2000 - 05:56 pm: Edit

sorry, i forgot to be specific about australia.
yalumba museum muscat is so good the french hate
themselves when they try it (like a port that melts in your mouth like caramel(it is the perfect match with a cuban upman) for most shiraz, it is what southern french red wines wish they could be on a regular basis.

By Petermarc on Saturday, October 07, 2000 - 05:40 pm: Edit

ok, artemis, we'll see how this goes over.
i did not mean to imply that you are ignorant
about wine and that is why you don't like most.
i am a self-confessed "wine dick"--someone who
knows just enough about wine to be annoying.
it is the love of taste and beautiful odors, visual and physical sensuality... that which i have transferred equally (almost) to absinthe and interesting alcohols. your dislike of wine, in my
opinion, is due to bad wine, people and/or a
combination of the two (which is most common)it is not easy to find wine that is great tasting/smelling (unless you live in australia, where almost everything i have had was excellent, if not easily drinkable). you first must decide what flavors YOU like, then you go from be honest, i like mead-type wines, good beer and i love retsina ( greek wine flavored with pine resin)...not considered to be a connoisseur drink. but they taste good to me and there is no better wine with greek food than retsina. if you say you like mead, then you like sweeter flavors, but maybe others, also. start there.
if you live in the us, try to find boony doon's
(no, not boone's farm ;-))dessert (ice) wines, or a late-harvest zinfandel.(no, not white zinfandel,
but good ones do exist). or find a good port.
if in europe, in france, try a banyuls, or a
quarts de chaume,(many others--good, bad, too expensive.) germany is full of great sweet
white wine and hungary makes a nectar of the gods. if you tell me what flavors or food you like,and how you want the wine to feel in your mouth, i can find a wine you will like. i believe that you will love absinthe even more when you play around with wine, but...beware of assholes bearing wine-lists...

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