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By Sir_winston on Monday, November 20, 2000 - 08:34 pm: Edit

The first time I had Spanish absinthe, I felt like vomiting up the huge blob of sugar it tasted like I just ingested. It was far sweeter-tasting due to the anise than I'd imagined.

That said, it's easy to get used to after a little while. After all, I think most of us have had similar experiences with most of the kinds of alcohol we've eventually come to love. Remember your first taste of beer? More than likely, you didn't like the taste, but eventually you got used to it. Same with hard liquor, wine, etc., since they have tastes that aren't in nature. To this day, I still get guests at my house who, when presented with a glass of Guinness--my favorite daily beer--get a strained expression on their face and don't like it. I hated Guinness the first time, but...I came to love it.

So, my first time with Spanish absinthe, I didn't like it. Now I do. But I must say, the idea of mixing absinthe and vodka seems...odd. Then again, have you ever tried it one of the ways people occasionally drank it in France, diluted with wine instead of water? Strange at first, but I must say it starts to taste good, and even more than that it definitely adds a punch to the alcohol content. I usually use water, but when I feel like using wine, I definitely recommend using something very dry, like a stony-tasting pale Chablis. The dryness accents the herbal flavors of better absinthes, and downplays the excess of anise in Spanish absinthes.

By Relrella on Monday, November 20, 2000 - 01:50 pm: Edit

I received my deva bottle in its neat little package (I've only tried Czech absinthe in the past), and have been drinking from it regularly. I have discovered that mixing it with pernod and even sometimes vodka with ice, water and sugar of course tastes quite good. Last night I had five glasses of absinthe, mainly diluted, and had great fun with the ceremony. I found that after the 4th glass I even had a hard time to stand, but the most amazing thing about absinthe is the effects it has on one while walking, it's superb. It's an amazing apertif, the feeling one gets is almost undescribable, and if someone asks me how it is I must give them a glass, because you can write all you want on the subject, but to experience, thats the essence...

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